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I Will Pronounce Your Name
by Graham Ereks

I will pronounce your name, Mary,
I will declaim you, Mary!
Mary, your name is as mild as cinnamon, the Fragrance in which the lemon grove sleeps.

Mary, your love is note fragrant than wine;
Fragrant is the scent of your perfume.
Your name alone is like perfume poured out.
Oh! Why wouldn't I pronounce your name?

How beautiful you are, my dearest, inamorata


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To my Love
by Graham Ereks

She is the apple of my eyes, my backbone and spine;
She's my lifesaver, my life support and oxygen.
She's one of a kind, my parachute, my defender; she's the Great Wall that protects me against forces.
She's my breath, my life and my all, an angel sent from above.
She's my bulletproof and ladder, for whenever I'm down, she raises me up.

She's my world, my pride and one in a gazillion, so outstandingly pulchritudinous that the world envies her; she's a wingless angel born on a Sunday, a Sagittarius!
Words aren't enough to explicate how much I adore her,
Oh! My goddess, my princess, my everything!
In this month of August you've done for me something so ginormous, beyond comparison.


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The Scrooge
by Graham Ereks

Legendary and respected,
He pootles hither and thither
In his timeworn quad bike ;
Cavorting like a peacock
For he is super haughty
Albeit parsimonious –
Is the pope a Catholic?

Born with blue blood
In his veins,


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I am not a Lazy Youth!
by Graham Ereks

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I am not a Lazy Youth
A posse of fallacy-inventors they are;
Making sugar-coated promises;
They are but tricksters and swindlers—political crooks!

We are governed by scoundrels and crooks,


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What if?
by Graham Ereks

What if I told you that I was still into you?
What if I told you that we were meant to be?
What if I told you that you were my world,
My one and only?
What if I told you that we were truly meant for each other?
What if I told you that I really loved you?
What if I told you that our sunder was a bummer?

What if we were still in love with each other?
What if we both regret our sunder?


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Amanda's Plight
by Graham Ereks

Unclad she saunters,
Surrounded by waters.
She is beclouded by felony
Yet embraced by colossal melancholy!
Unloved by the one she loves,
Now believing there are no doves,
Many a time she attempts suicide,
Wishing for the efficacy of the pesticide!

'Men are scums', she exclaims nonstop


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My Forever-Cherished Mamacita
by Graham Ereks

How I feel I Can hardly express in words
But I'm certain we'll be perfect love-birds.
How I fell for you I really can't make crystal,
But, trust, this love is gargantuan and magical.
You, my dearest, are my jewel of inestimable value;
The only one to whom I can utter 'I love you'.

My crush, without you I feel absolutely empty.
Who can resist your incomparable beauty?
Days and months have come and gone, and still counting,


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Had he known...
by Graham Ereks

It was very early in the morning,
I can recall, not without mourning.
The roads were soaked; the cloud pregnant--
The gnats in all facades, the water was stagnant.
Full of ecstasy, he descended from the bed,
No doubt the night before he was well-fed.

How full of life he always was, not until then;
He was ravaged like a prey in a lion's den.
Had he known, He'd have have been stationary,


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My Precious One
by Graham Ereks

Words aren’t enough, actions may do,
To explicate how colossal my love for you
Is. My love for you is perpetual, my precious one;
My fair senorita, my one in a gazillion one.

My diva, my jewel of inestimable value,
My love for you is gargantuan, not mean.
Even the flora and fauna know that I love you,
And I know this love, my dear, you’ve seen!


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To my crush
by Graham Ereks

Your coyness, my dear, is taking ages;
Why don't we write our love story in pages?
Now and then I think about you and you alone,
Hoping ad infinitum that I've seen the bone
Of my bones. I wish you'd hear my heartbeat,
And be cognizant of how you get me off my feet
My diva, my señorita, my everyday candy crush.

Whenever you're around me, I feel so alive;
With you by myself I know I'll forever survive.


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