Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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To the Woman I Love

My treasure without measure,
My backbone, my spine, my one and only;
The silky gazelle of the esteemed paradise,
My breath, my lifesaver, how I love you so very

Life, they say, isn't a bed of roses, but your
Presence makes mine rosy; you're an angel,
Though without wings; my irreplaceable one,
My soul-piece, the meaning of my life, my Heartthrob, my one in a gazillion. How I love You so very much!

Who am I without you, my love? Can I ever live without you? Can my life be rosy without you By my side, my love? Oh, my darling, my Insignia of pulchritude, my breath, my Everything, heaven and earth may pass away But my love for you is evergreen.
Come what may, you'll remain the woman I Love!
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