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Remember Me
by Margaret Mead

Remember Me:
To the living, I am gone.
To the sorrowful, I will never return.
To the angry, I was cheated,
But to the happy, I am at peace,
And to the faithful, I have never left.
I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore, gazing at a beautiful sea - remember me.
As you look in awe at a mighty forest and its grand majesty - remember me.
As you look upon a flower and admire its simplicity - remember me.


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Long Distance Ii
by Tony Harrison

Though my mother was already two years dead
Dad kept her slippers warming by the gas,
put hot water bottles her side of the bed
and still went to renew her transport pass.

You couldn't just drop in. You had to phone.
He'd put you off an hour to give him time
to clear away her things and look alone
as though his still raw love were such a crime.


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by Aarti Chawla

Nobody can love me like you,
Life without You is just like,
a Puzzle without a clue.
No win can beat this Pain,
I wish you could come again.

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Eloisa To Abelard
by Alexander Pope

In these deep solitudes and awful cells,
Where heav'nly-pensive contemplation dwells,
And ever-musing melancholy reigns;
What means this tumult in a vestal's veins?
Why rove my thoughts beyond this last retreat?
Why feels my heart its long-forgotten heat?
Yet, yet I love!--From Abelard it came,
And Eloisa yet must kiss the name.

Dear fatal name! rest ever unreveal'd,


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by Rupert Brooke

When the white flame in us is gone,
And we that lost the world's delight
Stiffen in darkness, left alone
To crumble in our separate night;

When your swift hair is quiet in death,
And through the lips corruption thrust
Has stilled the labour of my breath --
When we are dust, when we are dust! --


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Recent Death Poems
by Aarti Chawla

Nobody can love me like you,
Life without You is just like,
a Puzzle without a clue.
No win can beat this Pain,
I wish you could come again.

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by anon anon

i had a dream about you,
before I knew.
it was short,
and so were you.
nothing has changed,
but I wish it had.
And I will think of you
with every cigarette,
just like I always have,
but probably not tomorrow


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The Two Candles
by Amir Farshad Shirzaei

In the twilight's gentle embrace,
Two candles flicker side by side,
Their flames a dance of whispered poetry,
Sharing words in eloquence and grace.

"Oh, companion of radiant glow,"
Says the first candle, its light steady and true,
"Let our flames intertwine, entwined as souls,
And illuminate the darkness that surrounds."


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The End of Our Earthly Toil and Strife
by Oscar Auliq-Ice

Death, oh Death, thou art the great unknown,
The one certainty that we all must face alone.
From the moment we draw our first breath,
We know that one day we will meet our death.

Some say that you are the end of all things,
The finality that darkness brings.
Others say that you are the gateway to life,
The end of our earthly toil and strife.


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by Oscar Auliq-Ice

Death, the eternal sleep, the final rest
The great unknown that none can best
It comes to all, both young and old
The stories it tells, are forever told

It is the end of all things great and small
A time when life fades and the curtain falls
It takes the mighty and the meek
The strong and weak, the poor and sleek


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