Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Ode to a King

The great iroko tree
Has fallen down;
Our king, the lion
Of this land has passed on
To the land of our silent fathers-
A journey of no return.

The land is in tears;
The soil is bleeding –
Things fall apart in every
Nook and cranny of
The land-the palace is
On fire- higgledy-piggledy;
For royal mêlée is now
The order of the day in the
Once-peaceful land.

Our land is teetering
On the edge of royal war;
Swords and guns everywhere-
Anarchy has taken over our land;
Bloodbath and bloodshed ubiquitous.

Oh! The goings-on tee me off;
I am piqued, mega chagrined
For our land has metamorphosed
Into a battleground –
Ought we to lose our lives
Before the next coronation?

Your highness,
The land misses you;
Indeed you’ll be missed-
We wish you were still
Here, but who are we to question
The gods?- for we are mere mortals.
A great iroko tree has fallen down
And you, your majesty, are that tree.
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