Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Thank you Lord!

My heart is filled with songs of praise,
For when I am down you alone raise
Me. When I was nothing you made me fly
And now I jolly ceaselessly, so worth it.

I'm the guilty one but you sacrificed your son
Who descended willingly, got scotched by the sun,
Uncladded, tortured and mocked, what a rawdeal!
Now I stand before you blameless and worthy Do I deserve it?

My heart is filled with songs of praise,
For you've made me whole and made a way.
Now and then I long to be in your presence
For all of my days,
Oh you're indeed the maker of ways.

My Vine, my Life and my Resurrection,
Now and then I shall always pay attention,
Eating the bread of life 'thout procrastination,
Deserrting it with the living water.

My heart is filled with songs of praise
When I am down, you and you alone raise
Ah! How excruciating the pains were!
For my sake, in between pilferers you were gibbeted. Inhumane treatments you were subjected to.
'This is Jesus, the King of the Jews' inscriped;
You, my lord, were crowned with thorns, how painful!

Like a helpless animal, you were maltreated,
Battered till infinity, I can picture it vividly.
Am I really worthy? Do I really deserve it?
'It is finished', you said, confirming my salvation
And now I stand before you blameless and worthy.
Thank you Lord!
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