Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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I am

I am the silent loudness in my commune
I am the goated sheep with a voice like a cacophonous tune,
I am the ambitious lad with no room,
Embraced by kwashiorkor, now I'm like a crooked broom.

I am the speaker loaded with a silent scream,
I am my mother's son with a big, fat, burgeoning dream
Let me not be the stationary aqua, let me not be stagnant
Stardom on my mind, indeed I have a dream pregnant.

I am a cheetah, chasing my dreams as the crow flies,
I am no life's cheater, but wish I could have a zillion skies.
I am in dire need of fame, and really know life's a teacher,
So, I pray, life, make me the worthwhile dreamchaser!
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