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My Guardian Angel
by Robert William Service

When looking back I dimly see
The trails my feet have trod,
Some hand divine, it seems to me,
Has pulled the strings with God;
Some angel form has lifeward leaned
When hope for me was past;
Some love sublime has intervened
To save me at the last.

For look you! I was born a fool,


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by William Butler Yeats

NOR dread nor hope attend
A dying animal;
A man awaits his end
Dreading and hoping all;
Many times he died,
Many times rose again.
A great man in his pride
Confronting murderous men
Casts derision upon
Supersession of breath;


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The Kaleidoscope
by Douglas Dunn

To climb these stairs again, bearing a tray,
Might be to find you pillowed with your books,
Your inventories listing gowns and frocks
As if preparing for a holiday.
Or, turning from the landing, I might find
My presence watched through your kaleidoscope,
A symmetry of husbands, each redesigned
In lovely forms of foresight, prayer and hope.
I climb these stairs a dozen times a day
And, by the open door, wait, looking in


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by Robert William Service

Today I opened wide my eyes,
And stared with wonder and surprise,
To see beneath November skies
An apple blossom peer;
Upon a branch as bleak as night
It gleamed exultant on my sight,
A fairy beacon burning bright
Of hope and cheer.

'Alas! ' said I, 'poor foolish thing,


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by Christina Georgina Rossetti

The hope I dreamed of was a dream,
Was but a dream; and now I wake,
Exceeding comfortless, and worn, and old,
For a dream's sake.

I hang my harp upon a tree,
A weeping willow in a lake;
I hang my silent harp there, wrung and snapped
For a dream's sake.


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Recent Hope Poems
Hardship & Hope
by Saleh Ben Saleh

Dare I dream of hope in a world that's self consuming,
and dare I dream of a home where hearts are always blooming.
Peaceful the mind would be in a land I am assuming,
but hardship is what we find in a world that should be booming.

Wisdom shall be your guide in moments that are confusing,
and damned our lives would be if faith we are accusing.
Clouded are peoples minds with rage that’s over fuming,
and lost are those who think that life is just amusing.


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A World Full Of Imagination
by Zee K

I dream to fly high,

Within and far away in the sky ;

Far away from the web of lies,

In the beautiful land where one never cries ;

My imagination soars so mighty,


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Pretty Little Wishes
by Zee K

Have you ever noticed her cracked lips
Bruises on her arms
Stress lines and eye bags
Or those tear-filled eyes at night

With those hollow eyes and cheeks
That forced smile remained still
She was born a fighter
But she learned to 'survive'


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Just Another Victim
by Zee K

The loneliness ate me away,
The doubt gave me away ;
My demons fighting through my walls,
Breaking them with all the will, loving the way I fall;
It's been a while since I cried,
Still, no one is ready to listen to the story of my side ;
Is there still hope for me,
Will I be able to smile like the daydream I see;
Or will I live in the same nightmare forever and ever,


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Metal Man
by Icerus S

Heavy would the heart be that could hold up this empty vessel.

Robotic mighty standing as Atlas under the great weight of the cosmos on his back.

Broken countless times, yet reforged, made stronger by life's burning flames.

Sleep evades the psyche, dreams, imaginations flitter back and forth from present to past lastly disappeared.

Focus lost at every turn, where did the fae go, where did the years go, where did the dreams go.


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