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In Position
by Lauris Dorothy Edmond

I want to tell you about time, how strangely
it behaves when you haven't got much of it left:
after 60 say, or 70, when you'd think it would

find itself squeezed so hard that like melting
ice it would surely begin to shrink, each day
looking smaller and smaller - well, it's not so.

The rules change, a single hour can grow huge
and quiet, full of reflections like an old river,


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Lines Written As A School Exercise At Hawkshead, Anno Aetatis
by William Wordsworth

'And has the Sun his flaming chariot driven
Two hundred times around the ring of heaven,
Since Science first, with all her sacred train,
Beneath yon roof began her heavenly reign?
While thus I mused, methought, before mine eyes,
The Power of EDUCATION seemed to rise;
Not she whose rigid precepts trained the boy
Dead to the sense of every finer joy;
Nor that vile wretch who bade the tender age
Spurn Reason's law and humour Passion's rage;


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My Husband, My Best Friend
by Bonnie Dues

You're everything I wanted and hoped you would be
You're the very best thing that's ever happened to me
Because of you I know who I am
I know where I'm going
I sure it was meant for me to love you
and just as sure it was meant for you too
My greatest wish is always be together
To find each other all over again
and know this is forever
So thank you for choosing me to share you're life


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Saturday At The Canal
by Gary Soto

I was hoping to be happy by seventeen.
School was a sharp check mark in the roll book,
An obnoxious tuba playing at noon because our team
Was going to win at night. The teachers were
Too close to dying to understand. The hallways
Stank of poor grades and unwashed hair. Thus,
A friend and I sat watching the water on Saturday,
Neither of us talking much, just warming ourselves
By hurling large rocks at the dusty ground
And feeling awful because San Francisco was a postcard


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Strange Meeting
by Wilfred Owen

It seemed that out of the battle I escaped
Down some profound dull tunnel, long since scooped
Through granites which Titanic wars had groined.
Yet also there encumbered sleepers groaned,
Too fast in thought or death to be bestirred.
Then, as I probed them, one sprang up, and stared
With piteous recognition in fixed eyes,
Lifting distressful hands as if to bless.
And by his smile, I knew that sullen hall;
By his dead smile I knew we stood in Hell.


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Recent Hope Poems
Green Eyes
by Kenyon Rose

I have his eyes,
I have his hair,
I have his scars,
and I had his bruises
that I practiced covering
in the mirror.

When I see him in the mirror –
transfixed by eyes
that stop me from finding cover –


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may 11
by K J

I walk in and you immediately mouth
“You look beautiful”
But you are the one that’s beautiful
My mustard yellow dress pales in comparison
To how you look in your bright yellow gown despite everything…

(Which reminds me of sunshine. You are my sunshine.
Your smile warms my heart and soothes the pain)

…but today they have you in green


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Assault Weapons are for War
by Dr. Robert Ippaso

Why this inhumane suffering
A constant tale of slaughtering
Innocents who die
Forever in the earth to lie.

Do we need to see far more
All that suffering and gore
Lives of children cut so short
Simple targets used for sport.


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Our Standard Flies Above the Crowd
by Oscar Auliq-Ice

Our standard flies above the crowd,
A call to arms, a rallying cry,
A banner raised to reach the steeple,
A beacon shining in the sky.

With hope and courage in our hearts,
We gather to face the coming fray,
For we are ready to do our part,
And fight for what we believe today.


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My Hopes for the World
by Oscar Auliq-Ice

In this world of chaos and confusion,
Where wars and hatred seem to reign,
I still hold on to my hopes and dreams,
And pray for a brighter, better world to sustain.

I hope for a world where love is the language,
And kindness and compassion are the norm,
Where people see the good in each other,
And help each other weather any storm.


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