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Future lover,
by Charlize LeClaire

Dear future love of my life,
I’m sorry in advance.
“What for?” You may ask
To that I say, everything
Every bruise,
inside and out
The ones from simply bumping into walls
and the ones from poorly raised lovers
Every scar
The cuts I will cover with the sleeves of my dress


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The weekend
by Okunola iyanuoluwa

The weekend,

A time,
I relax from,
The waves of a disturbed sea
Which cools down in weekend,
Hoping to be stirred again,
On Monday,
And following days.


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Lovely ladies hymn, one of many
by Reynaldo Casison

when I gave her a hymn of my Soul,
Midnight was naked with stars,
I met a muse, one of many,
A while ago,
like it was yesterday evening,
Within some musical avenue,
Her hair was fair,
and a kind gregarious hue,
Beyond any blue,


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Lovely ladies hymn, Amidst all those stars
by Reynaldo Casison

Amidst all those stars,
In her Midnight crescent robe,
She felt completely naked,
They were sipping their fine wine,
That like the stars,
within the plaza fountains,
Reflected their beauty,
She was a modern gypsy,
who had missed her ballerina days,
Exquisitely come from the vineyard,


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Lovely ladies hymn, Love like the wind
by Reynaldo Casison

Her Love is like the wind,
You cant always see it,
However you can feel it,

You can see it,
When the curved boughs,
of her Beauty,
Like a Maple tree,
Sweetly sways,
And gently bows,


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Recent Love Poems
Lovely ladies hymn, Long exquisite kisses at Midnight
by Reynaldo Casison

Long exquisite kisses at Midnight,
Thats what sweet for ones Soul,
Like stars in the fountains,
gazing at the Moon,
Lit with the infinite candles,
Of our love,
As roses and sunflowers,
Delight the irises,
And luminous hips,


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Lovely ladies hymn, Romance of hymning
by Reynaldo Casison

A woman,
between her Midnight candles,
And the Moon, like lovers,
May feel at one with the Night,
Lounging with the dream,
Of its champagne stars,
While hymning within her Sublime beauty,
Her robe strewn like rose petals,
Her Beauty an unwrapped present,


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The Hills
by Stanley Chepaitis

I was looking into the hills,
tracing out the sadness in their ancient contours,
as they watch the madness of this chattering world
with silent, hidden eyes.

I was listening to the hills,
straining to hear their silence
over the noises of traffic in the valley,
hoping, if I could,
that it might tell me of their sadness.


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Lovely ladies hymn, Evening
by Reynaldo Casison

When she is old, she shall be fine wine,
Of Loves exotic and groovy vineyards,
Her Beauty,
shall be like the enchanted Rain,
That soothes and nourishes,
The weary and pretty souls and gardens,

She shall be young as the Evening,
With its roses and stars,
The wind shall comb her hair,


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Infinite worlds - Alexis karpouzos
by alexis karpouzos

In the cosmic dance of swirling lights,
Where stars are born and darkness fights,
The universe whispers secrets old,
In silver threads and dust of gold.

Galaxies twirl in elegant grace,
Each a part of the endless space,
Planets orbit in silent tunes,
Around their suns, like drifting balloons.


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