Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Giant of Africa my Foot

The giant of Africa
The almighty Nigeria,
I salute you, my country
For indeed you are a giant.

Your people are weeping,
Praying that Nigeria
Be better one day-
Fifty years after independence
The citizens are still living in paucity,
What a nation!

Blackout everywhere,
Yet the fourth estate says
The power sector is doing great;
Oftentimes we experience blackouts
For months, if not years-
Is this what the giant of Africa should be like?

The giant of Africa,
A country where corruption
Is the order of the day-
Our corrupt politicians
Vie for elective positions
With a view to impregnating
Their pockets, enriching themselves
At the expense of the poor masses;
I ask, ‘are we the giant of corruption?’

‘Change’, they say, ‘is a constant thing.’
But can’t my country change for the better?
Nigeria needs change, but not a change for the worse;
Today the poor hardly feed,
The commander-in-chief of the armed forces
And his Cabinet get richer
Whilst the masses get poorer-
Is my country the giant of non-egalitarianism?

Our currency has no value
Obnoxious laws are made;
Laws that favour the rich
And disfavour the poor-
Inflation is what my country
Is renowned for-
Many a citizen cannot afford a three course meal,
My country is not different from the giant of devaluation,
A giant of Africa my foot!
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