Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Dear Ex

Dear ex,
My words to you are super true,
For I was truly in love with you;
You were my world, my soul-piece
But now, I guess we have to leave in peace;
You stabbed me, with a bloody hammer
And now I see our being together as a bummer.
Who'd have thought that you'd betray me, darling?

I came, I saw and I fell for you,
And I recall the day you said 'I do'.
Meeting you was the greatest thing in my life,
For I thought I'd seen my all, my wife,
The mother of my unborn children,
To be blessed by the indefatigable brethren,
But I never knew you were the she-devil
Dangerous in all facades and indeed evil.
Who would have thought that I'd fall in love with an evil lass?

My beloved ex, I never prayed for this day
But I guess you have your own bizarre way
Many a year we spent joyously together,
Stuck together like bread and butter--
Who'd dare try to put us asunder?
Who'd dare withstand the Almighty thunder?

Say me 'hi' to Kingsley, Festus and the zillion,
Oh, I regret seeing you as my one in a gazillion
You unfaithful swine, full of lies and deceit,
If only I'd known that you'd shamelessly cheat.
Many a time I watched you but never thought
You'd do this; now I wish I'd bought
The fellas' words from time immemorial,
Never to trust a lass with issues matrimonial.
Why did I not listen to the fellas, Lord?

My ex, my heartbreaker, my cheating star
How I wonder what and where you are.
I've tried ceaselessly to forget about you
But for reasons unbeknown I still love you.
Should I restart what we had, dear?
What if you do your worse this time, my dear?
Was loving you a crime?

Dear ex, just so you know, I really loved you,
And as a matter of fact I still do,
But I'm afraid your infidelity may be pregnant
Should we be in an institution matrimonial.
I once prayed we be together as a team
But now I know we were probably never a team;
I'm so sorry I deemed you the silky gazelle,
For now I know you were never an angel.
The years I spent with you I regret though
But who am I to question God?

I still have you in my heart, my dear ex
For what we had was beyond sex.
I wish we could still be the real us,
Letting nothing come between us.
I wish you'd change for the better,
For I can't stand the risk of future sunder.
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