Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Amanda's Plight

Unclad she saunters,
Surrounded by waters.
She is beclouded by felony
Yet embraced by colossal melancholy!
Unloved by the one she loves,
Now believing there are no doves,
Many a time she attempts suicide,
Wishing for the efficacy of the pesticide!

'Men are scums', she exclaims nonstop
Screaming the loudest, Yes, nonstop!
How she wishes their love would flourish;
Had it been feasible, their love would really flourish!
'How did I get here', Amanda asks forlornly
'Isn't Cletus the devil's incarnate? She asks tearfully.

Ah, the forlorn belle sits here, now double,
Having none to share with her, her trouble.
Indeed, life is not a bed of roses
The erstwhile no longer takes poses.
As poor as a church rat Amanda now is
Her mistake of a beau is now the devil of his.
Rejected by her beau, spat on by her family
Amanda has now gained an ill-familiarity.

Despondent-cum-ashamed, Amanda feels shamed
Surrounded by salty waters, she's now ill-famed.
How else can one explicate Amanda's plight?
Ah! Her travails are ginormous, not light!
Heartbreak is truly a precarious disease,
For Amanda still wishes things were at ease!
Thanks to divine intervention, death didn't get her,
Amidst suicide attempts, neighbours still saved her!
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