Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Solitude's Song

The life of a loner really isn't funny
At times he wonders why many live a life so phoney.
Many a damsel he is surrounded by
Yet he chooses,instead, to bid them goodbye.

Heartbreak is life's most feared terrorist,
Eating man up slowly, albeit like a northern tourist.
The fear of this Mary indeed is the genesis of wisdom,
Ah, what a bummer I baked, falling for a slag, so random .

I have been there, and am sure you certainly dig
And for honesty's sake, the Mary I knew was a coital pig.
Shameless she was, in all towns digging deep,
Truth be told, she was staunch duff, ain't no peep.

I am a loner entrapped in solitude for a reason
I've seen it all, and believe me even this season.
I'd rather be lone than give my heart to whore.
Is it no shame that the one I fancied made out in a store?
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