Samantha Lee

Brampton, Ontario

The Earth Is Beautiful?

Tender beautiful world, with breezes caressing and
whole, Alive with music, uplifting my soul.
I've tasted the sweetness of my every encounter
through, But something tells me, is this really true?
Days of terror, strike with fear, confused of which
direction, away to steer.
Blitzkrieg!.. What a big surprise. Clergy backing of
both sides in war, Bias, ersatz teachings, alienate
us all.
Files of x-filed abolished cases, shut dam right
closed with metal braces.
Everyone arch, and initial priority, The break of
day, the crying night, this similarity.
"Mon Cherie ..."Words of charm and of love's mark,
While con's game plan, prepares to embark.
Racism a and discrimination issues arise, To
conquer, as well as help our brothers to survive.
Girth of a nation that's hard to swallow, while the
chugging health movement, continues to wallow.
Violence related to morphine digital convergence,
While peering through the virtual-reality
Reactivating the overdue retrospective impact,
Noting one's submerging influence proving, "this",
as fact.
We are all too secure in a world of our own, To notice
a person who is all alone.
Poverty, abandonment, hardships and fights, self-
sacrifice, hard work and all my might.
Reclaiming commitments , false hopes and smiles,
Overcoming it all success-for while
Suddenly stolen by hatred and fate,
Searching for answers before it's too late.
Red rays cling to the blackened grass,
Colors fade to memories past.
Tearful eye pine fading light,
Fear creates yearning while fear freezes flight.
Our lovely world's air, sea and sod becoming
Its global self-sustaining system shamed.
In to the balanced mix we've tossed our with,
Wasting nature and abusing it.
New world order, in turmoil, crack cocaine,
Wake citizens of world, to the issues of main.
To be or not to be; to live yet not to see,
Genocide, homicide, suicide, it's all the same to me.
As you can see, our world, not so soft and blue,
Can lead to traces of haunt in your soul, isn't that
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