Discrimination Poems

Popular Discrimination Poems
by Adelaide Rhead

Why do you think you're better
If your culture is not the same?
Yes, maybe you seem different
But deep inside all are the same.

Why do they think they're better?
If one is black and one is white,
If one is man and one is woman.
They are the same, that is their right.


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True Love
by Attorney Chuchuchu Nchung

True love can thrive anywhere
True love knows no hindrances
True love crosses every bridge
True love climbs all mountains
True love crosses all rivers

It knows no impediments
It knows no but's It knows no conditions
It knows no borders
It knows no discrimination


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The Angel Tree
by Sandra Hawkins

A leaf broke away, spinning to the earth
droplets of dew formed from unheralded sadness

As the leaf spiraled downward, a beautiful angel
plucked it from the air, admiring perfection.
Divine breath pushed it high above her
wafting upward, the leaf glistened. Rays of light
gently tugged until forward motion was felt.
Brightness arrived


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A Dream Of Whitman Paraphrased, Recognized And Made More Vivid By Renoir
by Delmore Schwartz

Twenty-eight naked young women bathed by the shore
Or near the bank of a woodland lake
Twenty-eight girls and all of them comely
Worthy of Mack Sennett's camera and Florenz Ziegfield's
Foolish Follies.

They splashed and swam with the wondrous unconsciousness
Of their youth and beauty
In the full spontaneity and summer of the fieshes of


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by Ronald Arjune

Searching for the mystery as you view this script inscription
Many are the ways to interpret for, the meanings are much
A colossal amount of engrained pathways instinctual within
The neural network of the individual's mind locking on
The success of achievements surmounts with the yearning
For in time long ago you sought the reward afterwards
At times many there was a hole creating disbelief of what is now
Lying in bed I linked my belief mind to the creator seeking
We with I suffered analyzing for the solution of peace of mind
They are channeling now, with beliefs becoming meaningful


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Recent Discrimination Poems
Ode to The World
by Oreo de Walkers

The most complex thing about humanity.
The justification for idiocy and the motive for love.
The notions fill our head that the world is roses and doves.
We reached 18 hoping it was.
Opening up to people who did not get love.
When will we wake up, life is not as easy as it seems.
These fake ideals are why humanity is ripping at the seams.



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Luck had not favoured our love
by A.K Jaisingh

Years went by,
Barnet of black have turned a ish hoary,
Youth has been decreasing,
Visage of fascination has turned to the face of a weeping philosopher having creases,
But the faith in you that you will return someday has not yet deceased in the coldness of Time.
I remember the day when you
Came to me holding a crimson garb for me, for love had brought down the curtains of faith in your heart, for I had pledged you that I will never let your heart fragment again.
I remember that day when you believed me and held my hand tight for my mortal orbs had dispatched the message of love to the port of your heart.
I still remember that moment when crave of food had driven both of us mad but your care for me, your love for me which you proved when you handed over the stuff to me and asked me to eat it first and then give you the remnants of it.
But luck had not favoured our love instead it favoured those ragamuffins and wrongdoers of the so called society who tend to protect the pride of their culture, where we were separated for the difference in our caste.


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A Mistake in God’s Perfect Creation
by Christine Kuruvilla

The light will fade, darkness will engulf,
And when it's over you will not hear the cries,
Of a child who tried to hide from their words and eyes,
Burrowing himself under a pool of lies

Or the faint whisper of pain that rang in the corridors.
Or the tears that stained the broken walls,
Or the screams that echoed behind his closed door,
Or the blood that dripped on the bathroom floor.


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Why I Convinced My Daughter To Sue
by Randy Johnson

My fourteen year old daughter was the star of a children's TV show.
But because she grew large breasts, they decided to let her go.
They said that because of her growth spurt, it would be inappropriate for her to be on a children's show.
They said they were sure that I would understand but I was furious and I said "Hell no".
I said that it was discrimination and it was an immoral reason for firing my teenage daughter.
She was more than willing to sue because of the morals that my wife and I have taught her.
It was wrong to fire her because of mother nature 's handiwork and the judge agreed.
My daughter was awarded ten million dollars, that was what the judge decreed.
We didn't sue because of the money, we sued to stand up to their discrimination.
When I say that they didn't get away with what they did, it's not an exaggeration.


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by Utkarsh Gupta

Fumes of valor,
Sins weighing all the hopes lost,
Demeanor of power,
craving for success whatever's the cost,
Deftness of a prodigy,
It carries it all,
It carries everything you believe it does,
It carries nothing!

Judged, divided, shamed upon,


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