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Popular Suicide Poems
by Jorie Graham

I watched them once, at dusk, on television, run,
in our motel room half-way through
Nebraska, quick, glittering, past beauty, past
the importance of beauty.,
not even hungry, not even endangered, driving deeper and deeper
into less. They leapt up falls, ladders,
and rock, tearing and leaping, a gold river,
and a blue river traveling
in opposite directions.


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Suicide Note
by Robert Mestre

My eyes have cried
a million times,
now as dry
as dessert sand.

My heart has sank
with no strength to rise
from the well
that once held hope.


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Suicide In The Trenches
by Siegfried Sassoon

I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.


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Days Of 1986
by Carolyn Kizer

He was believed by his peers to be an important poet,
But his erotic obsession, condemned and strictly forbidden,
Compromised his standing, and led to his ruin.

Over sixty, and a father many times over,
The objects of his attention grew younger and younger:
He tried to corrupt the sons of his dearest friends;
He pressed on them drinks and drugs,
And of course he was caught and publicly shamed.
Was his death a suicide? No one is sure.


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An Ode to the Disgraced
by Zachary Fetters

The howls of the night air rap upon my window—
Rendering the mood among sullenly spacey.
The calm forever leaves me alone to my mind—
This is an Ode to the Wary.

As my thoughts make leaps and bounds—
Bringing new pain from what was wrought—
I contemplate The Sin and what it offers—
This is an Ode to the Distraught.


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Recent Suicide Poems
march twenty-second, and you
by Tue Dinh

If memories ever come in a can that has to have a shelf life, I hope it’s 10,000 years.
— He Qiwu, from Chungking Express

you told me it’s a ritual taking friends out on their birthdays, and
i must say, with friends, i expected to be surprised by
two you-know-what words, and yet i was surprised
by two cups of kit-kat mcflurry, soft and crunchy mix
with our salty stories of schoolwork, student societies, et cetera—
you with your parents travelling, and mine back in saigon.


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by Dorothy Eleanor

In the dead of the night there is a cry of pain.
One child loses innocence and a soul commits to flames.
No help hears this call and thus none arrives,
They are left to the darkness with tears in their eyes.
Again and again this same scene will replay,
The child holds a secret they will take to the grave.
They gather their heart now shattered in two,
Trying to suppress the memories is the best they can do.
As the years drag slowly by, they lose their grip;
The memories slip back in and they begin to unzip.


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Black Magic
by Brendon Hall

Winter rolls in just in time to freeze my heart
Close my eyes and take me back to the start
Before the storm rolls in and black magic clouds my brain
Can’t help but wonder how long I can sustain

A corrupted heart, thoughts darker than the abyss walked
The remedy flowing through my veins, as I lose my ability to talk
Strolling through the valley of the shadow of death
Looking around and notice I’m the last one left


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Whisper From the Reaper
by Brendon Hall

A secret whispered in the dark
Eardrums ringing like a bell in the unwatched tower
The unrevealed crash lands with the grace of a ballistic missile
Blackness embodied deep within the tenuous roots
Spreading, creeping through every last sinew
Drowning in the bile, joy lost and never found

The rapture no longer holds sway
An abyss never ending, sinking deeper to oblivion
Falling with no gravity, suspended in tortuous creation


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The body of a man
by Noah Trist

screaming in agony as
His gulliver rolling off to become a

Paperweight, New veins will remain
Those of his own doing.
His bloody blade was used in vain.

Despite a certain lack of a head
His only thought is why


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