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Saturday's Child
by Countee Cullen

Some are teethed on a silver spoon,
With the stars strung for a rattle;
I cut my teeth as the black racoon--
For implements of battle.
Some are swaddled in silk and down,
And heralded by a star;
They swathed my limbs in a sackcloth gown
On a night that was black as tar.
For some, godfather and goddame
The opulent fairies be;


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Lines Indited With All The Depravity Of Poverty
by Ogden Nash

One way to be very happy is to be very rich
For then you can buy orchids by the quire and bacon by the flitch.
And yet at the same time People don't mind if you only tip them a dime,
Because it's very funny
But somehow if you're rich enough you can get away with spending
water like money
While if you're not rich you can spend in one evening your salary for
the year
And everybody will just stand around and jeer.
If you are rich you don't have to think twice about buying a judge or a


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by Alan Seeger

First, London, for its myriads; for its height,
Manhattan heaped in towering stalagmite;
But Paris for the smoothness of the paths
That lead the heart unto the heart's delight. . . .
Fair loiterer on the threshold of those days
When there's no lovelier prize the world displays
Than, having beauty and your twenty years,
You have the means to conquer and the ways,
And coming where the crossroads separate
And down each vista glories and wonders wait,


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My Great Great Etc. Uncle Patrick Henry
by James Tate

There's a fortune to be made in just about everything
in this country, somebody's father had to invent
everything--baby food, tractors, rat poisoning.
My family's obviously done nothing since the beginning
of time. They invented poverty and bad taste
and getting by and taking it from the boss.
O my mother goes around chewing her nails and
spitting them in a jar: You shouldn't be ashamed
of yourself she says, think of your family.
My family I say what have they ever done but


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The Changeling
by Russell Edson

A man had a son who was an anvil. And then sometimes
he was an automobile tire.
I do wish you would sit still, said the father.
Sometimes his son was a rock.
I realize that you have quite lost boundary, where no
excess seems excessive, nor to where poverty roots hunger to
need. But should you allow time to embrace you to its bosom
of dust, that velvet sleep, then were you served even beyond
your need; and desire in sate was properly spilling from its
borders, said the father.


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Recent Poverty Poems
Charlotte Angel
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I was a minister of the gospel, very happily living my life for the Lord,
Preaching the Word every Sunday, in the spirit of affinity and accord.

I always knew that I would preach, for I had been called in my youth,
To perpetually serve the will of God, while forever speaking His truth.

Like the lush gardens of springtime, are all abloom with fresh purpose,
Spreading joy with their presence, in a gold, green ritual that is ageless.

I lived an exceedingly busy life, doing work that was dear to my heart,


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It's about time
by Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze


Let us talk to the birds visiting us in summer,
Let us talk to the afternoon shadow,
Let us raise our pets to our level,
Let us raise our decibels...
It's about time.

Let us talk to the palarysing heat in the air,
Let us pick our items from the rubbish heap,


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Poverty—A Curse
by Bushra Zuberi

When I see a small child
Washing dirty crockery,
I wonder aloud is this
All because of poverty?

When I hear a news
About a robbery
I think had he done
All because of poverty?


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Our Society must change
by Dr. Robert Ippaso

Does society need a push to be made just,
Can we not together find solutions set to last,
Homelessness and poverty rife with shame,
With people given numbers but no name.

Are we so callous, blind and proud
To block our ears from cries so very loud,
Their wants and needs not our concern,
As we shake our heads with gazes stern.


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Give Chance To Grow
by Rafiq Pasha

Let there be no restrictions
let there be no limitations
for the poor and needy.

For skint if any opportunity arise
let them reap the surprise
just support the weak and weedy.

Under the shadow of poverty
these beings exhibit honesty


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