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Gone Fishin'
by Delmar Pepper

I've finished life's chores assigned to me,
So put me on a boat headed out to sea.
Please send along my fishing pole
For I've been invited to the fishin' hole.

Where every day is a day to fish,
To fill your heart with every wish.
Don't worry, or feel sad for me,
I'm fishin' with the Master of the sea.


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Please Mrs Butler
by Allan Ahlberg

Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps copying my work, Miss.
What shall I do?

Go and sit in the hall, dear.
Go and sit in the sink.
Take your books on the roof, my lamb.
Do whatever you think.


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The City In Which I Loved You
by Li-Young Lee

And when, in the city in which I love you,
even my most excellent song goes unanswered,
andI mount the scabbed streets,
the long shouts of avenues,
and tunnel sunken night in search of you...

That I negotiate fog, bituminous
rain rining like teeth into the beggar's tin,
or two men jackaling a third in some alley
weirdly lit by a couch on fire, that I


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We Are Seven
by William Wordsworth

--------A Simple Child,
That lightly draws its breath,
And feels its life in every limb,
What should it know of death?

I met a little cottage Girl:
She was eight years old, she said;
Her hair was thick with many a curl
That clustered round her head.


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Anywhere Out Of The World
by Charles Baudelaire

This life is a hospital where every patient is possessed with the desire to change beds; one man would like to
suffer in front of the stove, and another believes that he would recover his health beside the window.
It always seems to me that I should feel well in the place where I am not, and this question of removal is one
which I discuss incessantly with my soul.
'Tell me, my soul, poor chilled soul, what do you think of going to live in Lisbon? It must be warm there, and there
you would invigorate yourself like a lizard. This city is on the sea-shore; they say that it is built of marble
and that the people there have such a hatred of vegetation that they uproot all the trees. There you have a landscape
that corresponds to your taste! a landscape made of light and mineral, and liquid to reflect them!'
My soul does not reply.
'Since you are so fond of stillness, coupled with the show of movement, would you like to settle in Holland,


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Recent Sea Poems
I See The Sun
by Pijush Biswas

I see the sun run over the sea, later set
Below the horizon of Bay of Bengal, every evening
And the sea I see threat
The boys and girls, and sing
Whimsically, 'O, I'm now giant, be alert';
So they go apart.

I see the sun run over the meadow, later hide
Behind the trees of beautiful Bengal, every evening
And the meadow I see bid


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Daphne holds the chase
by Hadia Sadiq

Daphne holds the chase

romeo, did you know that you love me
with such sincerity that it makes me sick?

so, will you love me still if i tell you that
my heart does not belong to you but belongs,

rather, to the fascist with his boot on my
neck? you kiss my neck like you are worshipping


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by Sidney Carneiro

below the billows
listen to the siren’s song
place your fears to bed

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Beautiful Dawn, Lately
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Cool waves and green foam
Zest in crisp morning breezes
Pink clouds float along
Sunrise splash into gold sun
Chill thrills before day's begun.

Yellow-orange zing
A stroll in warmth since the dip
Blooms on green catwalks
Stained skies are fading to blue


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I Wandered By The Margin Of Bay
by Pijush Biswas

I wandered by the margin of bay
As a call from far a distance;
I gazed- I gazed; sea did play
As if, constant to the Kashfuls' dance,
Until sun sets at slot of verge
And play stones under low ebb
Or queer, which I sought did diverge.

Meanwhile, silence came in deep
Among old leaves of Tamarisk;


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