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I Am
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I know not whence I came,
I know not whither I go;
But the fact stands clear that I am here
In this world of pleasure and woe.
And out of the mist and the murk
Another truth shines plain –
It is my power each day and hour
To add to its joy or its pain.


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by Dorothy Parker

Now it's over, and now it's done;
Why does everything look the same?
Just as bright, the unheeding sun, --
Can't it see that the parting came?
People hurry and work and swear,
Laugh and grumble and die and wed,
Ponder what they will eat and wear, --
Don't they know that our love is dead?

Just as busy, the crowded street;


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by Hayden Carruth

Right up there this side the Five Chimneys Corners
about a mile south the Oneida line, this goddamn
granddaddy sugar maple block I tell you it's
what you might call a real out-size block a old-time
ball-busting son of a bitch of a block laying by the side
the road where that house with the busted porch is
the worn-out gray asphalt siding? the lawn sale
going April to November? you know where I
mean, this block if it was a redwood you could cut
a hole in it for the tourists to drive through, a good


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by Robert Browning


Said Abner, ''At last thou art come! Ere I tell, ere thou speak,
''Kiss my cheek, wish me well!'' Then I wished it, and did kiss his cheek.
And he, ''Since the King, O my friend, for thy countenance sent,
''Neither drunken nor eaten have we; nor until from his tent
''Thou return with the joyful assurance the King liveth yet,
''Shall our lip with the honey be bright, with the water be wet.
''For out of the black mid-tent's silence, a space of three days,
''Not a sound hath escaped to thy servants, of prayer nor of praise,


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The Country Of Marriage
by Wendell Berry


I dream of you walking at night along the streams
of the country of my birth, warm blooms and the nightsongs
of birds opening around you as you walk.
You are holding in your body the dark seed of my sleep.


This comes after silence. Was it something I said


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Recent Work Poems
Becoming Colors
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I was a celebrated, professional psychic, offering glimpses of rosy future;
And helping people work through problems, like pink moon, come sooner.

I had learnt to talk with the spirits, and also relate what they were saying,
To the ones left loving and lingering, like peach rose on jade vine, swaying.

Although the certitude of ESP is often debated, some people do possess it;
Like the mysterious biennial appearance of Mars, to plum skies, so scarlet.

I had long painted for a hobby, and lovely colors had ever fascinated me;


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The Six keys to Success
by Saleh Ben Saleh

For those of you who seek success in every job or post, these are the points you should address before you brag or boast.

In mind you need a VISION and a clear healthy dream, not just a hopeless story or a dreadful faulty scheme.

Start by laying a PLAN and set a final goal,
not just waste your precious time on thoughts you can’t control.

Share your ideas with people and learn to love your team,
it is only with PASSION you’ll achieve your final dream.


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An Open Shut Case
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I was an experienced interior designer, whose specialty was outer doors,
Ever opening to amber sunshine, as petals open, when vivid beams pour.

Functionality and beauty were very vital, so I helped customers each day,
To choose materials, colors and styles, like modish spring's latest display.

I adored inspecting the final product, and its impact on the whole house;
As butterflies, greenery and blue skies, incite rapture for motley crowds.

Opaque doors always fascinated me, being portals of frenzy and mystery.


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Culture Clash
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I was a college music teacher, engaged in pitch, tempo, rhythm and melody,
As lavish planets dance around a golden star, with the zeal of fuchsia fidelity.

I taught harmony, vocals and singing, and how to play musical instruments,
Like the harmony of redbird's distant calls, entering into sunglow moments.

Teaching was thrilling and rewarding, a great way to share the love of music,
As roving stars ever return to grape, dusk skies, being apparently homesick.

Loving mysterious music as I did, it followed naturally that I loved to dance;


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Open Office Eavesdropper
by Frangipani Retrograde

Listen out across the room
To others' conversations
They seem to flow so sweet and free
Nothing like my emotions

Jealous of the way they speak
With confidence and humor
As though they know their priorities
Of which mine, I'm never sure


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