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Carry On
by Robert William Service

It's easy to fight when everything's right,
And you're mad with the thrill and the glory;
It's easy to cheer when victory's near,
And wallow in fields that are gory.
It's a different song when everything's wrong,
When you're feeling infernally mortal;
When it's ten against one, and hope there is none,
Buck up, little soldier, and chortle:

Carry on! Carry on!


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by Purnel Collicott

Planning is a good thing ­
a most essential part ­
But somewhere along the line,
you must get to work and make a start.
It ain't your good intentions,
or grand plands along the way ­
What really makes a difference,
is what you do each day. It ain't what others think ­
what counts is how you feel,
And what you can do today,


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A Song Of Success
by Robert William Service

Ho! we were strong, we were swift, we were brave.
Youth was a challenge, and Life was a fight.
All that was best in us gladly we gave,
Sprang from the rally, and leapt for the height.
Smiling is Love in a foam of Spring flowers:
Harden our hearts to him -- on let us press!
Oh, what a triumph and pride shall be ours!
See where it beacons, the star of success!

Cares seem to crowd on us -- so much to do;


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I Will Be Worthy Of It
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I may not reach the heights I seek,
My untried strength may fail me;
Or, halfway up the mountain peak
Fierce tempests may assail me.
But though that place I never gain,
Herein lies the comfort for my pain –
I will be worthy of it.

I may not triumph in success,


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by Sally Stewart

Here we are in America camouflaged in poverty
Our minds programmed - voice of prosperity
While there in Africa we lie starving
While there in Africa we lie dying
Unconscious of respect - subconscious of suspect
Who robbed us of our rights - and reduced our span of life

Here we are in America stagnated in progress
Our minds programmed for failure - of feeling worthless
While there in Africa we are aware


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Recent Success Poems
What's Success?
by Peter Dr Lim


is not achieving

unless it's accompanied

by meaning

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The Route to success
by Peter Dr Lim

First, acknowledge your weaknesses-
this will eventually lead you to your success

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Just wait!
by Muskan Sharma

Just wait!
Just wait!
Wait for the right moment,
Life is struggle
Never ending struggle,
As long as there is life,
Till then there is struggle.
You too will definitely get,
which will be yours.
Just wait,


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Chasing Dreams and Fading Stars
by Oscar Auliq-Ice

I am a traveler in this life,
Drifting through days and nights,
Chasing dreams and fading stars,
Hoping to find my place, my bars.

The world is vast, and I am small,
Yet I have a voice, a story to tell,
Of love and loss, joy and pain,
Of all that makes life worth the strain.


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I do not fit
by Gareth Roe

I do not fit in the organised world. 
Where schedules plot our fate. 
Where that will be this and this will be that.
Where heads screwed on straight hail the great bureaucrat. 
Where the future that's served is a diet of dates. 

Now dates can be helpful and dates have their place.
The same can be said for time slots and blocks. 


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