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War Is Never Over
by Cecil L. Harrison

War is never over
Thought the treaties may be signed
The memories of the battles
Are forever in our minds

War is never over
So when you welcome heroes home
Remember in their minds they hold
Memories known to them alone


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Friendship's Mystery, To My Dearest Lucasia
by Katherine Philips

COme, my Lucasia, since we see
That Miracles Mens faith do move,
By wonder and by prodigy
To the dull angry world let's prove
There's a Religion in our Love.

For though we were design'd t' agree,
That Fate no liberty destroyes,


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Jobson Of The Star
by Robert William Service

Within a pub that's off the Strand and handy to the bar,
With pipe in mouth and mug in hand sat Jobson of the Star.
"Come, sit ye down, ye wond'ring wight, and have a yarn," says he.
"I can't," says I, "because to-night I'm off to Tripoli;
To Tripoli and Trebizond and Timbuctoo mayhap,
Or any magic name beyond I find upon the map.
I go errant trail to try, to clutch the skirts of Chance,
To make once more before I die the gesture of Romance."
The Jobson yawned above his jug, and rumbled: "Is that so?
Well, anyway, sit down, you mug, and have a drink before you go."


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How Happy Is The Little Stone
by Emily Dickinson


How happy is the little Stone
That rambles in the Road alone,
And doesn't care about Careers
And Exigencies never fears—
Whose Coat of elemental Brown
A passing Universe put on,
And independent as the Sun
Associates or glows alone,


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by Robert William Service

Dusting my books I spent a busy day:
Not ancient toes, time-hallowed and unread,
but modern volumes, classics in their way,
whose makers now are numbered with the dead;
Men of a generation more than mine,
With whom I tattled, battled and drank wine.

I worshipped them, rejoiced in their success,
Grudging them not the gold that goes with fame.
I thought them near-immortal, I confess,


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Recent Alone Poems
The Barge
by Johnathon B

My head is a heavy boat.
Full of lead lined thoughts locked in iron chains.
A swell hits the top sails, a wave rocks the moors and everything topples to one side.
The boat tips. I can feel it tipping.
The bottle holds a message though. The drift will take it ashore.
The barge will be just the kindling of a story told once before.

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a note from the netherworld
by Miki Vermeulen

The overwhelming feeling of panic and regret
before my eyes fell forever,
was the worst pain imaginable.

You couldn’t see it then
but there was happiness in the shadows
and love on its way to you.

The world was sending you laughter and smiles,
you had so much life to live.


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Nobody (2011)
by Malory Henry

I'm nobody, who are you?
You're somebody you say, is that true?

Well I can't be somebody, they say it's not so.
I am nobody and that's all I know.

Well yes, I AM me, but that's all that I've got.
Still a somebody I am not.

I can't deny what they say I am--


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by Nastasimir Franović

Greedy and selfish,
I'm thinking about how to detain you in verse.
To encircle my verses with your beauty.
A necklace of words, to put it bluntly, quite unusual.

To try to talk about your beauty.
Your eyes look at me from the verses.
To overcome the winds which don’t leave your hair in peace.
Your own hands to hand me over to the devil


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by Nahid Orko

In the twilight's embrace, people yearn for success,
Beside them, they crave companions of triumph's caress,
Hidden are the tales of failures unknown,
In the shadows, struggles wither, strength overthrown.

The hands of the unsuccessful, burdened they feel,
Nature's resilience seems a distant dream, surreal,
Alone they stand, no one to lend a hand,
Lost in the wilderness, adrift in life's sand.


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