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Dear Ex
by Graham Ereks

Dear ex,
My words to you are super true,
For I was truly in love with you;
You were my world, my soul-piece
But now, I guess we have to leave in peace;
You stabbed me, with a bloody hammer
And now I see our being together as a bummer.
Who'd have thought that you'd betray me, darling?


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A Drunkard's Tears
by Graham Ereks

Half-clad I pittled in the grown-old day,
Body boozed by a gazillion boozes.
I sauntered hither and thither zigzag
My destination I knew not, for my vision
Had been boozed and boozed.

I sauntered scalarly gibbering to my booze;
Oh what a feeling it was!
I came by a canis manacled and together we
Confabulated heart-to-heart.


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Dear God
by Graham Ereks

Dear God,
I've always been faithful to you from kidulthood
And now I'm crying to you in my adulthood.
The world is heartless and super villainous,
That's why I call to you the only one generous
Enough to lessen my burden, reduce my pain.
If I don't come to you, what'll be my gain?

I'm down on my knees, Lord! Hear my cry,


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My Treasure without Measure
by Graham Ereks

You are the silky gazelle of the esteemed paradise
Blazing radiance on me in a blissful beam;
Your daintiness flabbergasts me, so nice
I pray together we become a team.

The fauna and flora, with you I can’t compare
For wherever I go I see your face, my rose;
My love for you daily-multiplies, indeed not mere
For you are the reason I can take this proud pose.


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Solitude's Song
by Graham Ereks

The life of a loner really isn't funny
At times he wonders why many live a life so phoney.
Many a damsel he is surrounded by
Yet he chooses,instead, to bid them goodbye.

Heartbreak is life's most feared terrorist,
Eating man up slowly, albeit like a northern tourist.
The fear of this Mary indeed is the genesis of wisdom,
Ah, what a bummer I baked, falling for a slag, so random .


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Not My Business
by Graham Ereks

Hither and thither he went,
Then southward, and soonest north,
Nonstop cuddled and bussed by the wind,
Inward or outward, all oblivious!

Green snakes in Agbada,
More venomous than the Anaconda,
Bloodsucking demons ubiquitous,
But I bet that's not my business!


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The Lament of a Distracted Scholar
by Graham Ereks

Papa said, Son, you've got to face your book'
But here I am lavishing my time on Facebook.
Damsels here and there, I poked and chatted up,
Ignorant of the fill-up of my own cup.

'We can meet up for some great fun tonight, innit?'
My words to her alone, unknown that she was a spirit.
I had a future untill I met this Jezebelous witch,
Today here I am stuck as a bitch.


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I am
by Graham Ereks

I am the silent loudness in my commune
I am the goated sheep with a voice like a cacophonous tune,
I am the ambitious lad with no room,
Embraced by kwashiorkor, now I'm like a crooked broom.

I am the speaker loaded with a silent scream,
I am my mother's son with a big, fat, burgeoning dream
Let me not be the stationary aqua, let me not be stagnant
Stardom on my mind, indeed I have a dream pregnant.


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Vum Vam: The Paradox of Power and Poverty
by Graham Ereks

Vum, vam, vum, vam
So they go, they vum, they vam
Potbellied Aso Rock cravers,
Endless national cake eaters.

A bunch of Lucifers in Stephen's outfit
Vum-vam grannies, many a man a misfit.
Vum, vam, vum, vam, bunch of papas, yes they are,
Vam, vum, vam vum, none I've seen is yet a star.


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The Truth Beneath the Make-up (A Limerick)
by Graham Ereks

There was once a lady on whom I had a crush
She was crystal fair but never had a good brush
Stripped her of her make-up only to see the real her;
This lady I loved and cherished was but a pig-stir.
Ah, Lord knows I surely needed the inestimable dash!

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