Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Not My Business

Hither and thither he went,
Then southward, and soonest north,
Nonstop cuddled and bussed by the wind,
Inward or outward, all oblivious!

Green snakes in Agbada,
More venomous than the Anaconda,
Bloodsucking demons ubiquitous,
But I bet that's not my business!

A business I would, will willing transact,
But how I would I go about it, how exact?
Currencies are now bought with the exact same currencies,
But I'm sure that's not my business.

Muggings, fraud and whoring have become trendy,
Ritualistic mannerisms, embraced even by lasses once dandy,
How can the son of man jettison these, silence them?
Easier asked than answered, I'm sure it's not my business.

A gazillion Ahabs, Herods and Jezebels,
Many I know in religious garments ringing bells.
Had I known a lass named Ana without a bell,
Then I sure would know it's not my business.
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