Lucy Hawker

United Kingdom


Living life in ecstasy,
The path to light in which I see,
Through darkness, anger, hurt and betrayal,
The tears need the joy like the wind and the sail.
The reason being, the unheard sound,
The troubled path on rocky ground.
In the understanding - Earth's nearest sister,
Fate's answer holds, but once in a whisper.
Shadowed cry of the broken core,
Meaning existing but lost in the war.
Spellbound love and stinging pain,
The food of the Earth, the clouds in the rain.
When stars outshine each other,
A wave to a sea, a child to a mother,
A laugh to a clown, a smile to a lover,
The song of a bird calling another.
Always in truth, our dreams show us how,
In a glimpse of hope, in a silent vow.
The freedom lives in the will,
And that can shine when time stands still.
The carelessness for Earth, we bring near,
Is this why we live? Is this why we're here?
Analyzed confusion in the dark silence,
Searching for a reason for the inflicted violence.
Childhood stories of unreal mystic,
Riding on dreams but thoughts realistic.
Inspired song in the creativity,
For once and forever, for all to see,
And in a moment where all can be,
Earth dances our lives in her chosen melody.
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