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The British
by Benjamin Zephaniah

Take some Picts, Celts and Silures
And let them settle,
Then overrun them with Roman conquerors.

Remove the Romans after approximately 400 years
Add lots of Norman French to some
Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Vikings, then stir vigorously.

Mix some hot Chileans, cool Jamaicans, Dominicans,
Trinidadians and Bajans with some Ethiopians, Chinese,


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by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Rarely, rarely, comest thou,
Spirit of Delight!
Wherefore hast thou left me now
Many a day and night?
Many a weary night and day
'Tis since thou art fled away.

How shall ever one like me
Win thee back again?
With the joyous and the free


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Black Swans
by Banjo Paterson

As I lie at rest on a patch of clover
In the Western Park when the day is done.
I watch as the wild black swans fly over
With their phalanx turned to the sinking sun;
And I hear the clang of their leader crying
To a lagging mate in the rearward flying,
And they fade away in the darkness dying,
Where the stars are mustering one by one.
O ye wild black swans, 'twere a world of wonder
For a while to join in your westward flight,


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Talking Turkeys!
by Benjamin Zephaniah

Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas
Cos' turkeys just wanna hav fun
Turkeys are cool, turkeys are wicked
An every turkey has a Mum.
Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas,
Don't eat it, keep it alive,
It could be yu mate, an not on your plate
Say, Yo! Turkey I'm on your side.
I got lots of friends who are turkeys
An all of dem fear christmas time,


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The Happiest Girl In The World
by Augusta Davies Webster

A week ago; only a little week:
it seems so much much longer, though that day
is every morning still my yesterday;
as all my life 'twill be my yesterday,
for all my life is morrow to my love.
Oh fortunate morrow! Oh sweet happy love!

A week ago; and I am almost glad
to have him now gone for this little while,
that I may think of him and tell myself


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Recent Pain Poems
as she bled in silence
by Jennifer Kenneally

I used to believe I was the only one
bleeding in silence
while everyone else’s wounds were healed
until I truly saw her.

I noticed when she smiled,
her eyes were elsewhere,
I noticed when looking at them closely
you could see the storm
threatening just beyond the surface


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Words Reflected In A Broken Mirror
by Chloe Foster

I looked into the mirror,
And what I saw looking back,
Was the breaking of a girl,
Her face began to crack.

Her eyes drenched with sorrow,
Her hair a tangled mess,
Her body anxiously shaking,
Wearing a ripped dress.


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Ashes to Ashes
by Zaheer Abass

Rend, rend,
Rip, tear, and rend...
Into pieces so tiny
That heart may never mend.
Cast, cast,
Heave, toss, and cast...
Into an abyss so deep
That darkness may forever last.
Weep, weep,
Wail, moan, and weep...


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by Pooja Ganesh

I was only standing,
watching for the ball,
I was playing safe.
yet, she hurtled towards me,
her body moving out of control,
Bang! and a clac!
I was suddenly a rolling Neymar,
Panic rose,
Nausea and dizziness,
All the impending consequences


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Mater of My Mind
by Richie Kharis

A devil in an angel?
A bold voice in my cabin
so clear, like the sound of the ocean.
Yet unstill, like a wave in motion

She told me I needed to hurl before the clouds turned white,
I needed to retaliate by forcing blood from their mouth
She told me about my weakness; I heard my soft heart crying
She reminded me that procrastination weakens every action


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