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Talking Turkeys!
by Benjamin Zephaniah

Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas
Cos' turkeys just wanna hav fun
Turkeys are cool, turkeys are wicked
An every turkey has a Mum.
Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas,
Don't eat it, keep it alive,
It could be yu mate, an not on your plate
Say, Yo! Turkey I'm on your side.
I got lots of friends who are turkeys
An all of dem fear christmas time,


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A Musical Instrument
by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

What was he doing, the great god Pan,
Down in the reeds by the river?
Spreading ruin and scattering ban,
Splashing and paddling with hoofs of a goat,
And breaking the golden lilies afloat
With the dragon-fly on the river.

He tore out a reed, the great god Pan,
From the deep cool bed of the river:
The limpid water turbidly ran,


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The British
by Benjamin Zephaniah

Take some Picts, Celts and Silures
And let them settle,
Then overrun them with Roman conquerors.

Remove the Romans after approximately 400 years
Add lots of Norman French to some
Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Vikings, then stir vigorously.

Mix some hot Chileans, cool Jamaicans, Dominicans,
Trinidadians and Bajans with some Ethiopians, Chinese,


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Scotch Drink
by Robert Burns

Let other poets raise a fracas
Bout vines, and wines, an drucken Bacchus,
An crabbit names an stories wrack us,
An grate our lug:
I sing the juice Scotch bear can mak us,
In glass or Jug.

O thou, my Muse! guid auld Scotch drink!
Whether thro' wimplin worms thou jink,
Or, richly brown, ream owre the brink,


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Ode To Psyche
by John Keats

O Goddess! hear these tuneless numbers, wrung
By sweet enforcement and remembrance dear,
And pardon that thy secrets should be sung
Even into thine own soft-conched ear:
Surely I dreamt to-day, or did I see
The winged Psyche with awaken'd eyes?
I wander'd in a forest thoughtlessly,
And, on the sudden, fainting with surprise,
Saw two fair creatures, couched side by side
In deepest grass, beneath the whisp'ring roof


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Recent Pain Poems
paper cranes
by Kris Reynolds

The cranes are all I have, my constant companions

I can’t stop folding them, even my hand is

Shaking at the thought of being abandoned.

My Eve was repeating and it made me feel sick

I was doing this on purpose, all for some kick?


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Words of Pain
by Ujjal Mandal

If life were as colourful as
as a flower,
how much better it
would be!

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Nowhere to go
by Madeline Young

A princess in pink is chained to a fox
A peacocks bright robe hangs from a tree
The fox hold her tight, knife to neck
While towns people watch on in horror

A peacocks bright robe hangs from a tree
All the king's knights rush out from the palace
While the towns people watch on in horror
The princess is saved, but lost in despair


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My Favourite Colour
by Dorin Saadat

My favourite colour is his brown skin the blue sky
Before me, my childhood stands,
A colonial entwined with anarchic vines-
Maturing realizations.

What is love? An itch to set your house on fire?

What colour are the walls?
Not brown. Not blue.


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as she bled in silence
by Jennifer Kenneally

I used to believe I was the only one
bleeding in silence
while everyone else’s wounds were healed
until I truly saw her.

I noticed when she smiled,
her eyes were elsewhere,
I noticed when looking at them closely
you could see the storm
threatening just beyond the surface


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