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by Steve Turner

What happens in heaven?
Will I sit on a cloud?
Is walking or talking
Or jumping allowed?

Will I be on my own
Or with some of my friends?
Does it go on for ever
Or eventually end?


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Eloisa To Abelard
by Alexander Pope

In these deep solitudes and awful cells,
Where heav'nly-pensive contemplation dwells,
And ever-musing melancholy reigns;
What means this tumult in a vestal's veins?
Why rove my thoughts beyond this last retreat?
Why feels my heart its long-forgotten heat?
Yet, yet I love!--From Abelard it came,
And Eloisa yet must kiss the name.

Dear fatal name! rest ever unreveal'd,


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by Rupert Brooke

When the white flame in us is gone,
And we that lost the world's delight
Stiffen in darkness, left alone
To crumble in our separate night;

When your swift hair is quiet in death,
And through the lips corruption thrust
Has stilled the labour of my breath --
When we are dust, when we are dust! --


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I Am Waiting
by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I am waiting for my case to come up
and I am waiting
for a rebirth of wonder
and I am waiting
for someone to really discover America
and wail
and I am waiting
for the discovery
of a new symbolic western frontier
and I am waiting


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by Wilfred Owen

He sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark,
And shivered in his ghastly suit of grey,
Legless, sewn short at elbow. Through the park
Voices of boys rang saddening like a hymn,
Voices of play and pleasure after day,
Till gathering sleep had mothered them from him.

About this time Town used to swing so gay
When glow-lamps budded in the light blue trees,
And girls glanced lovelier as the air grew dim,-


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Recent Lost Poems
I Couldn't Keep My Promise
by Amir Farshad Shirzaei

My dearest love, in my last poem I vowed
to never write about you again,
to heal from your passing, to move on somehow,
but here I am, broken and in pain.

I can't help but visit your final resting place,
to lay flowers and speak to you once more,
to see the sunlight shine on your face,
and imagine you reading my words, like before.


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She told me I can't breathe
by Amir Farshad Shirzaei

I hear the echoes of your heart's pain,
You lament a love that rests now — in vain,
Your tears and sighs, I feel them too
For I've been hurt the same as you.

The memories that you can't erase,
The moments that you long to embrace,
The love that slipped right through your grasp,
Leaving you in a sorrowful gasp ...


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Giggle, Hop and Skip
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Into the woods I strolled one day, with my twin sister,
For if I had left her behind, I'd surely have missed her.
We were looking for wild strawberries, but we got lost,
Under the warm sun shining, as breezes blew very soft.

We wandered for a while, then we sat to rest by a lake,
And after eating strawberries, we saw a talking snake.
He had seen us walking, and he took us partway home,
Then a pink bunny guided us, so we didn't roam alone.


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Moths on the Midnight Lamp
by Drew Schoenfeld

Another coffee please
For the table
We’ll have to pay
In the language of our labor

you see,
we’re all moths on the midnight lamp
We have lost all but our bodies

When our souls were lit


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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I lived a quiet but active life, packed with brilliant sparkle and warm shine,
Like devoted lovers strolling under the captive moon, sometime after nine.

I was the manager of a jewelry store, with a number of interesting duties,
Like the duty of the fashionable redbirds, to linger in lush, ripe fruit trees.

I dwelt on a peaceful street with my family, and we hadn't lived there long,
In a house facing the mellowed sun, and a wild variegated butterfly throng.

It was a gracious older home, and we'd been given a housewarming party,


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