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Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan
by Moniza Alvi

They sent me a salwar kameez
      &nb sp;     peacock-blue,
                 & nbsp; and another
   glistening like an orange split open,
embossed slippers, gold and black
      &nbs p;     points curling.
   Candy-striped glass bangles
      &n bsp;     snapped, drew blood.
   Like at school, fashions changed
      &n bsp;     in Pakistan -


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by Lady Mary Wortle Montagu

Written January 1718 in the Chiosk at Pera, overlooking Constantinople
Give me Great God (said I) a Little Farm
in Summer shady, & in Winter warm
where a cool spring gives birth to a clear brook
by Nature slideing down a mossy Rock
Not artfully in Leaden Pipes convey'd
Or greatly falling in a forc'd Cascade
Pure & unsully'd winding throu' ye Shade.
All bounteous Heaven has added to my Praier
a softer Climate and a purer Air.


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Farewell To Barn And Stack And Tree
by Alfred Edward Housman

"Farewell to barn and stack and tree,
Farewell to Severn shore.
Terence, look your last at me,
For I come home no more.

"The sun burns on the half-mown hill,
By now the blood is dried;
And Maurice amongst the hay lies still
And my knife is in his side.


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On Death
by Percy Bysshe Shelley

The pale, the cold, and the moony smile
Which the meteor beam of a starless night
Sheds on a lonely and sea-girt isle,
Ere the dawning of morn's undoubted light,
Is the flame of life so fickle and wan
That flits round our steps till their strength is gone.

O man! hold thee on in courage of soul
Through the stormy shades of thy wordly way,
And the billows of clouds that around thee roll


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I Am Woman
by Alfrednett Atkinson

(A heart felt tribute to all women )
I am despair - I am heartache - I am the one that feels the sorrow - I am the comfort that ease the pain.
I am the shelter from the storm- I am the refuge found in a fortress filled with faith, hope and charity - I am peace in a world where there is turmoil - I am trust when others have none - I am love for the unlovable - I am a sanctuary for all. I am Woman.
Iam the one that conceives and protect the young - I am the warmth that covers the babe - I am the milk that nourishes the infant child - I am the sweet taste of the honey from the bee...
I am the birthright of God and Love - Iam the incubator for the immaculate conception - I am the womb that delivered thy forefather Abraham - Iam the breast he laid upon.
I am the burst of existence that unfolds the freshness of the air and the beauty of universe everywhere. I am the product of all four (4) seasons - I am the endless parade of the beauty of nature - I am the splendor that multiply each flower with its unique size, shape, fragrance and radiant color.
I am the essence that beholds more than the apparent eye can see - I am the look at the miracle of birth - I am the cover -up for many tribulations to come- I am a vision beyond the apparent glance - I am deep - I am within. I am Woman.
I am the transformation of rebirth - I am born again - I am the out burst of the soul set free.
I give thanks, praise and honor to God - I toil faithfully for my heavenly reward.
I am a virtuous woman- I hold in my hand the lighted torch - My crown on my head extended high - I am the Goddess of Liberty and Justice - I am royalty paving the way for others to follow - I am "Queen" of the land of freedom and opportunity on the solid rock - I stand. I am Woman.


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Recent Mother Poems
In My Arms
by Corey Alpough

In my Arms
I remember the night so vividly
Saw you on the couch thinking how much that you meant to me
I was walking to the kitchen then my mood suddenly changed
You had been there all day so I thought it was strange

I walked over next to you and I called your name
You didn’t respond because of so much pain
I grabbed you by your arm then you started to shake,
all I could do was jump like a fish in the lake


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A Drunk With No Shame
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

She was a loving mom…
A good wife, too…
She cared for her family…
There was nothing she wouldn’t do…

She had three beautiful boys…
Her little ducks in a row…
They were always together…
They loved their mom so…


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My shadow, my girl
by Arshia Sheikh

You are my shadow, my girl,

For me you are like a string of pearl.

Your twinkling eyes brighten my day,

Your bubbly persona will always stay.

Fond of your love and care,


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by Arshia Sheikh

Motherhood requires hard work,

Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world.

Having kids is the great responsibility,

Making them kind, is the real beauty.

Being mother, you have to think twice,


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Only Because Of You
by Fathima Shihabudeen

When I was my own enemy
You were my friend
When I felt empty
You made me feel whole

When the world was against me
You stood by my side
When I was unhappy
You became my joy


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