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Dutch Lullaby
by Eugene Field

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night
Sailed off in a wooden shoe,--
Sailed on a river of misty light
Into a sea of dew.
"Where are you going, and what do you wish?"
The old moon asked the three.
"We have come to fish for the herring-fish
That live in this beautiful sea;
Nets of silver and gold have we,"
Said Wynken,


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Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan
by Moniza Alvi

They sent me a salwar kameez
      &nb sp;     peacock-blue,
                 & nbsp; and another
   glistening like an orange split open,
embossed slippers, gold and black
      &nbs p;     points curling.
   Candy-striped glass bangles
      &n bsp;     snapped, drew blood.
   Like at school, fashions changed
      &n bsp;     in Pakistan -


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On Death
by Percy Bysshe Shelley

The pale, the cold, and the moony smile
Which the meteor beam of a starless night
Sheds on a lonely and sea-girt isle,
Ere the dawning of morn's undoubted light,
Is the flame of life so fickle and wan
That flits round our steps till their strength is gone.

O man! hold thee on in courage of soul
Through the stormy shades of thy wordly way,
And the billows of clouds that around thee roll


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The City In Which I Loved You
by Li-Young Lee

And when, in the city in which I love you,
even my most excellent song goes unanswered,
andI mount the scabbed streets,
the long shouts of avenues,
and tunnel sunken night in search of you...

That I negotiate fog, bituminous
rain rining like teeth into the beggar's tin,
or two men jackaling a third in some alley
weirdly lit by a couch on fire, that I


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Seein' Things
by Eugene Field

I ain't afeard uv snakes, or toads, or bugs, or worms, or mice,
An' things 'at girls are skeered uv I think are awful nice!
I'm pretty brave, I guess; an' yet I hate to go to bed,
For, when I'm tucked up warm an' snug an' when my prayers are said,
Mother tells me "Happy dreams!" and takes away the light,
An' leaves me lyin' all alone an' seein' things at night!

Sometimes they're in the corner, sometimes they're by the door,
Sometimes they're all a-standin' in the middle uv the floor;
Sometimes they are a-sittin' down, sometimes they're walkin' round


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Recent Mother Poems
Missing Love
by S K

I’ve never known love

Grace, I showed
Intelligence, I possessed
Attention, I did not lack
With a man always at my back

Countless hearts, I used
Until they bruised
Meticulously, I dwindled men


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unrequited love
by jody kathleen

Unrequited Love
Prophetic-some may say
Like mother like daughter
They both stray
From the earth to present homes
Where are you now?
Some may know
The seagulls call aong the
Lost coast while I long
To be guided home


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In My Arms
by Corey Alpough

In my Arms
I remember the night so vividly
Saw you on the couch thinking how much that you meant to me
I was walking to the kitchen then my mood suddenly changed
You had been there all day so I thought it was strange

I walked over next to you and I called your name
You didn’t respond because of so much pain
I grabbed you by your arm then you started to shake,
all I could do was jump like a fish in the lake


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A Drunk With No Shame
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

She was a loving mom…
A good wife, too…
She cared for her family…
There was nothing she wouldn’t do…

She had three beautiful boys…
Her little ducks in a row…
They were always together…
They loved their mom so…


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My shadow, my girl
by Arshia Sheikh

You are my shadow, my girl,

For me you are like a string of pearl.

Your twinkling eyes brighten my day,

Your bubbly persona will always stay.

Fond of your love and care,


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    June 7,1982-Lucknow
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    February 9, 2001 - Napoli
  • Dr Sandeep Kumar Jaglan
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    March 27, 2003, WB, INDIA.. An amateur writer. Emotional. Depressed. Write poems doing the pen in my own blood.
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    Born in Pakistan but currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. February 14, 2005
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