Dana Preston Blackwell

Eolia, Missouri

Oh, Brother Of Mine In Loving Memory Of Milford Blackwell Feb. 18,1932- Aug. 23, 1995

What was his life but a vapor
A grain in the sands of time
A drop of dew in the morning
And a ray of lost sunshine
His love was deep as the ocean
It reached from the earth to the sky
He looked for the wings of an angel
And the land of "Sweet Bye and Bye"
Sometimes his pain was a puzzle
Sometimes his joy a rhyme
But his heart reached out and touched me
That wonderful brother of mine
I know that the cross was heavy
And the pain was hard to bear
But I always watched from the shadows
And you knew that I was there
Life is never a highway
But a mountainous road to climb
I'm glad I had you beside me
Oh. wonderful brother of mine
You were here for only a moment
Now you have slipped away
The stage of life's been traded
For one of earth and clay
I think of the days of childhood
When we played on meadow and Lea
All that is left is an echo
Your voice is calling to me
How many drops of water
Has gone down the river of time
But none will be more precious
Than ours- Oh, brother of mine
The twilight of life came creeping
Across the portals of time
And when the veil was lifted
Gone--that brother of mine
Gone like the mist of the morning
Or flowers at ending of day
The song of the bird has ended
And the music has faded away
If God would grant me the power
To turn back the pages of time
I'd turn them back one by one
"Til I found that brother of mine
Life's little day has ended
Your race on earth is run
So fold your hands my brother
And wait for the morning sun
Farewell, oh wonderful brother of mine
And may these words be read
By those who see the Epitaph
In stone above thy head
Epitaph transition
When life and death at twilight meet
All my days and years are spent
I shall pause beneath the sod
To resurrect -- And ornament
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