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The City Planners
by Margaret Atwood

Cruising these residential Sunday
streets in dry August sunlight:
what offends us is
the sanities:
the houses in pedantic rows, the planted
sanitary trees, assert
levelness of surface like a rebuke
to the dent in our car door.
No shouting here, or
shatter of glass; nothing more abrupt


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by Edwina Matthews

To some power is guns
To some power is knifes
To some power is the ability to read, and write.
To some power is control
To some power is a fist
To some like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. power was words.
To some power is like a trapped animal trying to get out of a cage.
To some power is love
To some power is art
To some power is money


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Shadow Of Prejudice
by Maurine Fergueson

Don't you wish the shadow of prejudice would lift off the earth
And evaporate into infinity, out in unbounded space
Where it was hurled
Taking with it the power to influence all human kind.
The we would truthfully charge an abuse, each single Time
Then only the blind could see and feel
What is a disguise and what is real
It would take the touch, or the memory,
To spot the enemy
Gentle feelings we have tamed not to surface


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The Blood Of Jesus
by Elizabeth Skerencak

Every minute, every hour,
The blood of Jesus is the power,
It's the power over sickness and disease,
It's the power that sets you free.
The blood of Jesus will turn your life around,
In your daily life peace will abound,
It will set you free from anxiety,
Through Jesus' blood you will have a victory.
Plead the blood of Jesus without delay,
Pour the blood over bad circumstances today,


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The Fallen Elm
by John Clare

Old elm that murmured in our chimney top
The sweetest anthem autumn ever made
And into mellow whispering calms would drop
When showers fell on thy many coloured shade
And when dark tempests mimic thunder made -
While darkness came as it would strangle light
With the black tempest of a winter night
That rocked thee like a cradle in thy root -
How did I love to hear the winds upbraid
Thy strength without - while all within was mute.


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Recent Power Poems
तू कब तक यूँ सहेगी
by Muskan Sharma

तू कब तक यूँ सहेगी
तू कब तक यूँ सहेगी
तू कब तक यूँ चुप रहेगी
तू कब तक अपने आपको रोकेगी
तू कब तक यूँ सहेगी।

किसी का तुझको यूँ नीचा दिखाना
किसी का तुझपर यूँ हाथ उठाना
किसी का तुझे यूँ चुप करवाना
तू कब तक यूँ सहेगी।


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Poly Ticks
by Seyi Ojenike

Politics, a game of power and might

Where the rules are often bent and slighted

A world of deals and hidden agendas

Where truth is lost and ambition festered


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I'm Mad as Hell - in Trump's own words
by Dr. Robert Ippaso

I'm mad as hell
I thought I had it in the bag
But this leftie groundswell
Throws in an unexpected snag.

The Media blab my name
Gorges on the outcome
They shout it's me you have to blame
To the beat of their usual drum.


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Our World, Our pain, Our remedy
by Richie Kharis

On one count in our world where remedies are wanted
Yet vessels are found with no still soul
So much Pain is communicated in silence within the nation
but only among the likes that can understand its notion

The birds are crying for their safety yet standing on a dying tree
The fetus is kicking in the womb of a mother seeking a hideout at gunpoint
The children are struggling to sleep while their parents stand and watch
The authorities are calling for votes from a hungry nation with no peaceful homes


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Celestial footslog
by Noah Trist

The stars in the night I peer
And I wonder
What sits beyond it
Is it Kahn
Perhaps its god
Perchance a fool’s paradise

It pains me to know
The self-deception we know all too well
A fermi paradox


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