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The Jester
by Rudyard Kipling

There are three degrees of bliss
At the foot of Allah's Throne
And the highest place is his
Who saves a brother's soul
At peril of his own.
There is the Power made known!

There are three degrees of bliss
In Garden of Paradise,
And the second place is his


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Black Swans
by Banjo Paterson

As I lie at rest on a patch of clover
In the Western Park when the day is done.
I watch as the wild black swans fly over
With their phalanx turned to the sinking sun;
And I hear the clang of their leader crying
To a lagging mate in the rearward flying,
And they fade away in the darkness dying,
Where the stars are mustering one by one.
O ye wild black swans, 'twere a world of wonder
For a while to join in your westward flight,


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In Winter In My Room
by Emily Dickinson


In Winter in my Room
I came upon a Worm—
Pink, lank and warm—
But as he was a worm
And worms presume
Not quite with him at home—
Secured him by a string
To something neighboring


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As I Ponder'D In Silence
by Walt Whitman

AS I ponder'd in silence,
Returning upon my poems, considering, lingering long,
A Phantom arose before me, with distrustful aspect,
Terrible in beauty, age, and power,
The genius of poets of old lands,
As to me directing like flame its eyes,
With finger pointing to many immortal songs,
And menacing voice, What singest thou? it said;
Know'st thou not, there is but one theme for ever-enduring bards?
And that is the theme of War, the fortune of battles, 10


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by Robert William Service

I know how father's strap would feel,
If ever I were caught,
So mother's jam I did not steal,
Though theft was in my thought.
Then turned fourteen and full of pitch,
Of love I was afraid,
And did not dare to dally with
Our pretty parlour maid.

And so it is and always was,


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Recent Power Poems
Our World, Our pain, Our remedy
by Richie Kharis

On one count in our world where remedies are wanted
Yet vessels are found with no still soul
So much Pain is communicated in silence within the nation
but only among the likes that can understand its notion

The birds are crying for their safety yet standing on a dying tree
The fetus is kicking in the womb of a mother seeking a hideout at gunpoint
The children are struggling to sleep while their parents stand and watch
The authorities are calling for votes from a hungry nation with no peaceful homes


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Celestial footslog
by Noah Trist

The stars in the night I peer
And I wonder
What sits beyond it
Is it Kahn
Perhaps its god
Perchance a fool’s paradise

It pains me to know
The self-deception we know all too well
A fermi paradox


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The Powerless
by Louis Zo

We were born into this---
toils of tangled gods’ maws
gnawing us raw
as we wiggle and crawl
on top of each other
like fish out of water.

Nothing sprouts from our barren faces
no eyes to cry, no mouth to shout
and wail as the gods’ acid spit flays us alive,


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We are still Invictus!!
by Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

After all the arrows and spears that has been pointed
to us,
We have been immortal, we have been invincible...
We have been undisputed, thus,
Together we proved to be– inevitable.

With the help of the great sire
We have crossed each and every fire.
Enduring with our father 's name,
We have not been singed by any flame...


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by Yoko Fushigina

We, Gods, observe conceived
From height of self-conceit
And we collapse on it,
If "want" and "Is" don't meet.
Behold! Under my feet
Imperiums deplete.
Man's waste of time's too loud. 
Through screams I'll muffle sound.

Tranquility is motion,


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