Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Last Flying Kiss

Holding strong iron palisade
Of the ship that was bound to sail
Towards the redolent setting sun
Behind the roaring waters
Blue and pale
Far away from the Isle Of Jade.

He stood with his flabby white cap
Enduring to wave for the last time
With cordial flying kisses
And cheerful lurch.
Abigail was deplorable
But seemingly full of mime.
She kept crying,
Standing at the shore with wistful flap.

Uncompassionate cluster of dying hopes
For ages that pirated in their young hearts
Thousands of unfinished dreams:
With promises of lasting love
Virtually to be shattered in moments apart.

Slowly the Hogue tonnage
Sailed ripping the riotous sea.
All kept waving
To their loved one on board,
but lonesome, poor, Abigail.
Throbbed into tears holding her head down.
Anguished with fear and dejected trail.
She kept crying for losing her last glee.

She covered her face with chilling hands
To avoid the glimpse of
heartbreaking sight.
Merciless, deflectable and
Careless of lovers demands.
But the ship was on its way to high seas.
Deeply intense and far from homeland.

Now the sun had gone down
Deep into the Atlantic ocean
Spreading an immense dark strand
All over the universe;
Leaving no distinction between
Sky dome, water and land.

Now the bright stars
Were floating on the water.
Leaving diminishing trails
Of magnificent colors
Intermingled as sweet hearts
Of departing lovers.
Some were now on the land
And some on the oceanic sail.

Suddenly a striking thunderstorm,
Sent its mighty message
Rigorous, hateful and sure.
Through an unknown passage.
Telling, Abigail, now to go home
But her gesture was laborious.
Straining her to retreat
To her old damp street.

' Its time to go home my child'
She heard the watchman saying;
Lifting his lantern up high in scale
Shedding the light on frightened face.
'I have seen many ships come and go,
They all departed sadly.
But they returned home happily.
Its time to go home my child, go.'

Walking towards her home,
She was trembling. For she
Was carrying the burden
Of her beloved's soul.
A cherished gift of their new born love,
Precious more than gold.
Their life, eternity and
The world as a whole.
A baby in her womb,
About to be four months old.

After a few unsteady steps
She decided to halt, and
Addressed to unborn babe.
'Pa will be at home soon;
As early as in June.'

Her face turned rosary bright
As a star at elevated height.
Then she turned towards the horrific vibes;
Overwhelmed by the companionate sea.
Stepping on the water abyss.
She sent the last flying kiss.
Ashraf Gohar Goreja
Copyright Jan.3rd,2003
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