William R. Rooney

Milltown, New Jersey

The Philosopher And The Poet

"Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence."

A gentle voice speaks out to us across the span of many years
Softly saying things we need to hear
It tries to give us calm and steady thoughts
But we are caught up in the noise and haste and fear

All around humanity seems turned about
As though no level heads can now prevail
The jumping, raucous, nervous moves go on
The quest for peace seems to no avail

Heed the tempo of the times and feel the world's fast pulse
Then ask yourself, "Has all the world turned sour?
Has life become a meaningless and hopeless race
Where greed and selfish attitudes are power?"

Breathe deeply now and draw thoughts from within
Remember that you have a heart and soul
Let calm and reason guide each steady thought
You're not alone, Millions now reach out for better goals

In searching for a place where nature shows
Its peaceful beauty so comforting to eye and mind
I found a place so gentle and serene
Where now the nerves slow down with thoughts of other kind

I heard the water lapping to the shore
And saw majestic trees with shades of green
Water lilies, ducks and geese, are works of nature's own
Being framed within a timeless and softening scene
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