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by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

She must be honest, both in thought and deed,
Of generous impulse, and above all greed;
Not seeking praise, or place, or power, or pelf,
But life’s best blessings for her higher self,
Which means the best for all.
She must have faith,
To make good friends of Trouble, Pain, and Death,
And understand their message.
She should be
As redolent with tender sympathy


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To A Sad Daughter
by Michael Ondaatje

All night long the hockey pictures
gaze down at you
sleeping in your tracksuit.
Belligerent goalies are your ideal.
Threats of being traded
cuts and wounds
--all this pleases you.
O my god! you say at breakfast
reading the sports page over the Alpen
as another player breaks his ankle


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by Mary Lewis

Welcome to this World little one, though you won't understand.
The ravages that have been done -- all in the name of Man!
The Rivers are polluted -- this land of ours is torn.
The Animals are being killed, the Forests have been shorn.
But Mom and Dad will see to it that all your dreams come true.
They'll have to work doubly hard -- to make it if they do.
Welcome to our Universe! And as you grow to youth --
Maybe things will turn around, and Man will learn the truth.
As how to make this World of ours a better place to live.
And not to let their greed take more than what they have to give.


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Human Greed
by Raymond A Foss

The love of self,
of our earthly wealth
a lie upon the earth
creating a distance from the Lord
veiled in flowery verse

We are not made
for the things that rust
that wither and turn to dust
a mighty fortress is our God


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The Child-Angel
by Rabindranath Tagore

They clamour and fight, they doubt and despair, they know no end
to their wrangling.
Let your life come amongst them like a flame of light, my
child, unflickering and pure, and delight them into silence.
They are cruel in their greed and their envy, their words are like
hidden knives thirsting for blood.
Go and stand amidst their scowling hearts, my child, and let
your gentle eyes fall upon them like the forgiving peace of the
evening over the strife of the day.
Let them see your face, my child, and thus know the meaning


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Recent Greed Poems
The great grand chase
by Ananya Shree

In this human cult
There go sprinting rats
Chasing for the glittering bronze
Passing on the baton of grudge to their pups
Bearing on insecurities
With jaundiced eyes
Weeping miseries

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Eventually, He Evens the Events…
by Ololade Raji

Even as we still feel like a feeble pawn in a chess of gluttony, yet, You made us resist the temptation of greed deeply rooted in an aroma of enticing betrayal

Events of recent months affirmed that the scorching of these black skins is an incandescent reflection of the deep dark shades of some souls

Even as Ayi Kwei Armah’s ‘Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born’ continues to bolster our disgust with injustice and will ultimately sharpen the ingrained desire for justness

Events of these last hours also affirmed that the cleansing of the malodourous souls are never awashed by an ocean of tears

Eventually, I pray the seeds of forgiveness sprout as Your torrent comes, as I am tired of writing the book of good in this library of evil. He will lead His people as I am indeed lost!


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Greed for
by R D

Greed for attention
masks itself as fame
Greed for power
masks itself as ambition 
Greed for a sense of importance 
masks itself as greatness.

Actually, instead of 'greed', 'neediness' can be put here. Cause sometimes it's more about neediness. 

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by R D

As long as greed is present
every human
is a potential shark.

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Spontaneous Me
by Walt Whitman

The loving day, the mounting sun, the friend I am happy with,
The arm of my friend hanging idly over my shoulder,
The hill-side whiten'd with blossoms of the mountain ash,
The same, late in autumn--the hues of red, yellow, drab, purple, and
light and dark green,
The rich coverlid of the grass--animals and birds--the private
untrimm'd bank--the primitive apples--the pebble-stones,
Beautiful dripping fragments--the negligent list of one after
another, as I happen to call them to me, or think of them,


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