Tayeba Tahira

Troy, Ohio, USA

Violence Has No Face, No Name

Amidst the bloodshed across this land, the victims cry and plea,
who shall avenge the lifeless bodies strewn upon land and sea?
The automatic weapons and the weapons of war,
blare with anguish upon the rich and the poor. Violence has no face, no shame, no name. The youth lay dying, minds and bodies beyond repair, the fatherless
homes empty shallow mazes, the lonely, the angry, breed despair.
Drugs prevail among corporate offices and dirty city streets,
the affluent and the welfare recipient, the strong and the weak. Violence has no face, no shame, no name. The preacher shouts and church goers moan,
the prayers at the grave sites, no gun control.
No justice in the courts, they walk to kill, rape and maim again,
and they stand proud and call themselves men.
Laying wasted in the countryside, beaten, robbed and forlorn,
neighbors remain silent, as the helpless unite for the power to burn
senseless laws and city codes,
that neither shelter nor protect peaceful abodes. Let the cultures unite, strength in unity prevails, who will advocate for the victims rights?
Who will lift up the just and denounce the unjust, who prey as stalking wild beast killing day and night? Where is the justice that eludes the perpetrator?
No value system, no brotherhood of mankind, breeding anger, hate and sociopathic behavior. Violence has no face, no shame, no name. Children killing children, no reasoning, no sorrow,
no academic achievements, no thought of tomorrow.
Ventilating fear, anger and desperation, no childhood dreams, nor goals that inspire,
only deadly guns, on target, destroying with blazing fire. We humbly seek God's grace,
violence has no name, no shame, no face.
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