Shirley Sorensen Hinz

Ault, Colorado


Today, I remember yesterday
It was a happy time for me,
Although those youthful years seem far away
Still a clear reflection it be. I remember this child so happy
And through those many happy years,
No thought of what would lie ahead
Then, just peaceful and no tears. Teenage days came and life went on
What joy to be young and free,
I remember thinking it would never come
Many years and age fifty-three. But youthful mistakes and sorrow did come
And once life did seem hopeless, I remember,
I never forgot that childhood happiness
I needed one sad, sad December. Well, I survived and continued to proceed
With life and a hope I could find,
Some future happiness for me
Believing past mistakes should be left behind. Hard work and a never ending faith in God
Brought me down the road of life,
I have my own family now, and it
Isn't without its own turmoil and strife. But as a wife, mother and grandmother I be
It's good to know what keeps us driven,
As life was never meant to be pain free
I remember to thank God for what he has given.
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