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Reflections On Having Left A Place Of Retirement
by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Low was our pretty Cot : our tallest Rose
Peep'd at the chamber-window. We could hear
At silent noon, and eve, and early morn,
The Sea's faint murmur. In the open air
Our Myrtles blossom'd; and across the porch
Thick Jasmins twined : the little landscape round
Was green and woody, and refresh'd the eye.
It was a spot which you might aptly call
The Valley of Seclusion ! Once I saw
(Hallowing his Sabbath-day by quiteness)


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Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 13
by Saadi Shirazi

I heard a king, who had changed night into day by pleasures, saying in his drunkenness:

"We have in the world no moment more delightful than this,
Because I care neither for good nor for bad nor for anyone."
A naked dervish, who was sleeping outside in the cold, then said:
'O thou like whom in happiness there is no one in the world,
I take it if thou carest not, we also do not care."

The king, being pleased with these words of unconcern, held out a bag of a thousand dinars from the window and said: "Dervish, spread out thy skirt." He replied: "Whence can I, who have no robe, bring a skirt?" The padshah took pity on his helpless condition, added a robe to his gift and sent it out to him but the dervish squandered the money in a short time and returned.


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π’Š π’‚π’Ž π’†π’π’π’–π’ˆπ’‰
by Minnie Mimi

I am enough…
So when you walk stand up straight.. because if u have a hunch in your back it’ll make your words harder to pronounciate
So it's okay to feel vulnerable in places where you are weakened.. have you heard blacker the berry sweeter the juice..well women that come in my condition always keep the Kool-aid sweetened.
Even when you find the words to say that you're not.. be confident in your beauty your π’–π’π’Šπ’’π’–π’†π’π’š π’…π’Šπ’‡π’‡π’†π’“π’†π’π’• you're a sight that cannot be unsought.. and I know I know you're contradicting this thought but that's just because your me.. but I'm also telling you everything there NOT.
Moral of the story sis.. its always been me and you I know I'm just the voice you hear that gets you through and through but I want you to know I'm here for you. you are that lotus that blooms
You are not the sun but you dwell on top of the moon
You are the sea. you are the seashells that float onto the shore from the waves Dupree.


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Empty Hope
by gabriella Blake

Everything happens for a reason. I feel so horrible because it will make feeling good that much better. I’ll appreciate it. I promise I will. Please tell me it’ll be worth it. Please tell me to keep holding on. Tell me that life will stop hitting me in the face at some point. Tell me I’ll be happy, so happy. Tell me I’ll smile like I used to. Tell me everything will be better than okay.

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To Sunnydale
by Robert William Service

There lies the trail to Sunnydale,
Amid the lure of laughter.
Oh, how can we unhappy be
Beneath its leafy rafter!
Each perfect hour is like a flower,
Each day is like a posy.
How can you say the skies are grey?
You're wrong, my friend, they're rosy.

With right good will let's climb the hill,


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Recent Happiness Poems
by Nicole Minnick

Benevolent soul

Taking my hand and leading me far away, speaking to me without words.

Benevolent love

Showing me the path that’s worth taking, being near while the rest pushed me away

Benevolent heart


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Only you
by Nicole Minnick

From wake till sleep, you're always on my mind.
Blue eyes, like cloudless skies, distract my sight
Your smile, a beacon, igniting my life.
A charm so genuine, I fell with no fight.
Mysterious shyness, I crave to discover.
Love runs deep, like a river, flowing forever.
First taste of true love, both scared and alive
Eternally missing you, my beating heart, only beats for one.

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The futility of Joy
by Corben Bruce

I lie at night with music playing,
I convince myself it is to inspire
to create or feel or help me sleep
Instead i use it to drown the thoughts from my mind
An empty canvas with bright colours

I lie with eyes open in the darkness
for to close them is to invite images to fill the void
When they are open i see nothing
but closed i can see everything


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by Ren Adam Bres

A world apart yet our love remains,

To be happy again sans the shame.

Amidst the sunken, sullen silence of our place in the stars –

I can only dream and hope for a world where you are not far.

Push and pull – we ebb and we flow, we laugh and we lose, we love and we hate.


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Beneath The Veil
by Kurt Behm


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