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The Break Up
by Arthur Fox

Love left as it arrived. Slowly.

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Walk Away
by Leigh Yah

I hope I made the right decision
It's all for good
Call me selfish
Call me impatient
But it took me a thousand nights thinking if it could be better to finish this.

I'll take all the blame
Call me stupid
Call me crap
But flicker was the last resort I had.


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I Must Heal
by Leigh Yah

It all makes sense now
Those nights I deprived myself from sleep
Those days I wondered where and how
And those moments I combat with anxiety.

I lost count of the times I endured infidelity
But that isn't the only case I had to deal with
My vision was clear but I feel like I'm blinded
Too bad, ignoring all the clues became a habit.


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Vintage Blues
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

indigo evening
the lapis lazuli sea
lovely blue roses

sunshine bluebonnets
teal skies of happier days
megastar asters

ribbiting frogs, pond
nights on the town midnight blue


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by Vane Swetah

To be young and in love; Ah the feel!
Makes you glow from the inside, helps you heal

THIS. This is what the mainstream media has said
I’m not naive. I never let it get to my head

There I was; a happy little bee; buzzing at life
Perfectly content with me, myself and I
And one day, a ‘HI’ popped up that changed my life
Little did I know, that ‘HI’ would leave this bee mesmerized


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Recent Breakup Poems
The Break Up
by Arthur Fox

Love left as it arrived. Slowly.

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Life Is To Short To Score Little (Poem) by Christen Kuikoua
by Christen Kuikoua

It Is not Death Most people are Afraid Of
But it is getting to the end of life only to realize
That you never truly lived
Most people On Their Dead Bed,
Don't regret the things they did
but the things they didn't do
The risks they never took
and Finally the dream they didn't pursue
So if I ask You today
will you last Words be ' If Only I had'


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Affect Of Breakup In Relations & Children's Lifes (Poem) By Christen Kuikoua
by Christen Kuikoua

In life Relationship,
Useless Battle Between Couples
Must be avoided
Because there is no need for negative energy
In the midst of Love
My Bible say love cares
Love protects, Love put a smile on faces
Love forgives & Finally Love don't hate
I am no expert in love
because I myself always learn from it


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Who am I?
by Erica Scott

The hue of green in my eyes hides the darkness below,
But my charming smile distracts best.
I'm not as soft as my skin feels,
Or as tough as my morning voice sounds.
I do my best convincing underneath a mask.

I am weaker than my words.
A combination of 26 little letters,


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False Religion
by Erica Scott

And as the letters of my name curl beneath your lips,
I hope they burn like vinegar and drip down your chin.
I hope the thought of who I am wraps your skull like the crown of thorns you love to nag about
When you crucify my reputation,
I hope you think of the religion you announce so proud.
Tell me, does Jesus lie to save himself?

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