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Skeletons on your closet
by Connor Mcleod

how many times has it been?
The cold dagger is still there
watching all that was unseen
hearing all the unspoken words

I call you, and you don't reply
I see you but you don't see me
I touch you but you don't react
I have become a memory, a ghost


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Broken Heart Takes Revenge
by Monica Ellis

Hate the people that don’t matter;
love the ones whose hearts can shatter.
Maim, torture, taunt and tease,
give them the pain they gave me.

I’m through with tears,
I’ve now turned numb.
Vengeance is all I seek, and with it I’ll have won.

Hard as rock, my heart now feels,


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No Excuse
by Nosheen Irfan

You leave me no reason to stay
Love seems like an abomination now
For there must be a good excuse
Albeit a tiny one, just a ripple in the river
There must be something to hold back
A slight apparition of love, a shadow
Moving swiftly to grab the hand
I have walked ahead by many miles
But your steps are frozen in the sand
How can I come back all the way


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My Heart No Longer Knows a Feel
by Graham Ereks

My heart no longer knows a feel
My soul bemoans our abominable deal.
I'd always thought you were different
Till the day I knew you weren't heaven's sent.

You are like a bin-bag, super fetid;
A cocotte,reeking of ill-habit.
Have you no shame, you mal-brained fellow?
I wish I had, all this while, been all solo.


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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Mysterious as the night,
Shadowy figure of towering height,
Eyes of black, perhaps contrite,
He walks in starlight.
The night is fine,
As the oaks intertwine.
From a window of mine,
I watch him pass the vine.
Sleep is not imminent,
In this hour of discontent,


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Recent Breakup Poems
by Selim Özer

You misunderstood things i had problems with to explain

please let me finish dont complain

this will give us a long lasting pain
something we would shower in like its rain

i cant get you out of my brain
yeah it sounds insane
i still dream you call me your boy


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so long, no name
by Elisa Janer

His name died that day, and I absolved myself of any possessiveness of him
To me, no longer was he, the name he claimed since childhood
or the name belonging to him within the confines of my phone
He lost ownership of the inside jokes we shared
and any conventional pet names.. sweetie… love… baby…

For a while he was nothing
no name, no claim
The Villain.
My friends called him Voldemort.


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A future. Equally unweighted
by Hudhaifah siyad

Expectectations gets us broken,
Enough of it gets us turned torn,
For their bet is on a higher clown.

Who stumbles to present the unknown,
He is, who bids to our only struggles,
Who defines the scopes of an only fight,
To win over that which we feel not right,
He is, who is solemn and strikes the light,
And defines sparkles in the presents we gift.


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We met at funerals
by Ria S

It's funny how we kept on meeting at funerals,
Which one do you think was ours?
It's funny how we kept on meeting at funerals,
It’s funny that we wept together
But which one do you think was ours?
The one I think was
Was just a way after
Phone calls of love
That turned into deceit
Phone calls of love


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Remnants of Yr Touch
by Lee-Ann Azzopardi

I rest relentlessly in solitude
With the remnants of yr touch
Against where my heart lies
It's all that is left of our love affair
You vanished when you decide to
Without a word, leaving me empty and abandoned
And my mind wasting away questioning
The meaning of why
I remain aloof to anyone
Trying to break in


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