PYG's Whisper

November 17, 1991
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Platonic Love

True love never dies
Loyal souls never change
Don’t distort the beauty of fairy tales
Don’t blame it on life
Don’t blame it on you
Don’t fake your heart
‘Cause I won't do
Thought you were my angel
So I gave you my wings
Now you're ready to fly?
I whined hey wait
But you're hailing goodbye
I offered you a platonic love
A virgin, a pure an innocent love
I said babe sex got nothing on me
Clog your ears believe what you see
They only gossip about me
They can't be you and they won't own me
But you were disgusted with the taste of my kiss
That’s why I hated the scent of my lips
You know… I spent my youth buying time for you
Guess I’ll spend my sunsets waiting here for you
Even though I’m wide aware
That time and tide wait for no man
But I’m prepared to make an exception
‘Cause our romance was perfection
And I’ll rebirth its dead sensation
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