Kristi Day

A Daughters Love

What it is about my life daddy
That makes men treat me like they do,
Why is it I can never find someone
As gentle or kind as you.

You used to come to me when I'd fall
And pick me up off of the ground.
There's no one here to pick me up
Now that you're not around.

You taught me how to stand
Upon my own two feet,
How to hang tough in life
And not let myself be beat.

But today I really need you here
Just to be my dad,
To make life disappear for me
Like you did when things got bad.

To hold me on your lap
And rock me as a child,
And tell me life would be better
Sometimes it just takes awhile.

Look down on me daddy
From what ever cloud your on,
I've never needed you so much
As I do now that you're gone.

Grace me with your love
And bless me with your smile,
Watch over me still daddy
Like you did when I was a child.

No matter how old I am
Or how I've traveled far,
I never stopped needing you
Now you are my favorite star.

And when I need a daddies love
I look up into the night,
I talk to you from my heart
You are still my guiding light.

I wish just once more
I could feel your arms about me,
Holding me with a fathers love
Cradling me tenderly.

I'm a grown woman now
But still I need you so,
I wish I had been with you
When it was your time to go.

But I know as you look down
On me from Heaven high,
You'll be there waiting for me
When it is my time to die.

For now I'll hold my head up
And walk in strength for you,
For I've never forgotten the lessons
That I learned by watching you.

I'm not going to say good-bye
For that hurts to much to do,
I'll just kiss you once and let you go
And tell you that I love you.

Forgive me when I cry for you
For it's your love I miss the most,
It's times like now I need you so
Just to hold you close.
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