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The Road Of Life
by Homer Harris

Every body wants their life to be
Sunny skies and rainbows.
but they fail to realize where the
sun always shines there is no water below.
And they need a little rain to get the rainbow.
So as you travel on the road of life remember this.
There will be times that it's rough and
times that it's smooth, and sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
Everybody wants their life to be a bed of roses


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by Edward Thomas

The green elm with the one great bough of gold
Lets leaves into the grass slip, one by one, --
The short hill grass, the mushrooms small milk-white,
Harebell and scabious and tormentil,
That blackberry and gorse, in dew and sun,
Bow down to; and the wind travels too light
To shake the fallen birch leaves from the fern;
The gossamers wander at their own will.
At heavier steps than birds' the squirrels scold.
The rich scene has grown fresh again and new


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Long, Too Long America
by Walt Whitman

Long, too long America,
Traveling roads all even and peaceful you learn'd from joys and prosperity only,
But now, ah now, to learn from crises of anguish, advancing, grappling with direst fate and recoiling not,
And now to conceive and show to the world what your children en-masse really are,
(For who except myself has yet conceiv'd what your children en-masse really are?)

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Gateway Arch
by Ed Hoffmeister

At the base of the great Gateway Arch
Where the mighty Mississippi goes by,
I was thinking of the days of Lewis and Clark,
As my eyes traveled up to the sky, And I asked the arch, way up above,
Why these men left all their comforts of home.
Were they destined to perform a labor of love?
Or, like me, did they just itch to roam. Gateway Arch. St. Louis Arch.
I wish you could bring their answers to me. My eyes came back down to the scene
Where the Mississippi flows on its march.
I tucked my weary hands in faded blue jean,


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Upon A Snail
by John Bunyan

She goes but softly, but she goeth sure,
She stumbles not, as stronger creatures do.
Her journey's shorter, so she may endure
Better than they which do much farther go.
She makes no noise, but stilly seizeth on
The flower or herb appointed for her food,
The which she quietly doth feed upon
While others range and glare, but find no good.
And though she doth but very softly go,
However, 'tis not fast nor slow, but sure;


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Recent Travel Poems
Merry and Bright
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Christmas was only a few hours away.
Santa and elves were coming on the sleigh.
The night was filled with fair sights,
'Til the clash with festive lights.
Soon flashing, bright nosed Rudolph, led the way!

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Away Over Yonder
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

sunset I'm leaving
the birds are headed my way
far past the dogwoods

beneath twinkly skies
out past the emerald lane
beyond Silver Lake

the gleeful hour waits
in peach sky rosy morning


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Way Up North
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I was talking to my solitary self again, grumbling how life held no adventure,
And my parrot, Cherry, often echoed me, as moon echoes golden splendors.

She'd ruffle her feathers and preen, as she perched redly upon my shoulder,
As the sun perches redly in the mahogany west, in its hour of dusky smolder.

Cherry was used to my frequent griping, like flowers are accustomed to rain,
Bringing chaos along with sweet relief, like wisdom that can come from pain.

I lived in a small town in southern Alabama, and it was the place I was born,


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by Rachel G

how could we know
we’d get on so
that morning in Vienna

a cocktail bar
and shining stars

we shared a cab
now here we are


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The Year 6555
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

We're now in the year 6555, and I am feeling happy and so alive,
Above, sunshine pours like honey, as along the oceanside I drive.

Wind whips my hair around, beneath skies a deep sparkling blue,
Like the confusion all around, when colorful swarms pass through.

Amidst the glorious scenery, sea planes touch down and take off,
Like those beautiful scenes created, when sun and moon faceoff!

Scarlet, plum and saffron blooms, dance up and down this coast,


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