Julian Figueroa

Long Beach, California, USA

Legendary Being Of Aztlan

For Eva, Chicanita of the city's jungle
You carry the universe inside of you
This you should know
Star, sky flower that blooms when night is upon the earth
Holder of dreams, my dreams, without you I would lose my sense of place
Legendary being of Aztlan
I am honored to know you, to live in your time
Brown queen
My queen
Morrita of the royal yellow circle
Keeper of the secrets of the four directions
Metaphor of the dominant light (moon) of the night
Perfect image, unique image, light of my life
Daughter of Zapata's horse
Offspring of hope, New Hope
Red Indian Ciuatl
Rainbow gist, midnight sky, definition of the divine
Prairie between my heart and mind
People love you, people need you, I need you, and I love you
You are all these things, and more . . .
You are the poem of life, a living relic!
Look around you; I and everyone else are evidence of one the many things
The greatness you possess can create . . .
Don't give up!
Sister! Friend! Partner! Lover! Mija! Sky flower!
"Stubborn Star," remember what that means?
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