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by Rupert Brooke

When the white flame in us is gone,
And we that lost the world's delight
Stiffen in darkness, left alone
To crumble in our separate night;

When your swift hair is quiet in death,
And through the lips corruption thrust
Has stilled the labour of my breath --
When we are dust, when we are dust! --


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by Amelia Pond

Long hair blows in soft winds.
Soft skin pierced by sharp thorns.
The beauty of the rose comes at a cost,
Red blood for a red rose.

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by Henry Van Dyke



Daughter of Psyche, pledge of that last night
When, pierced with pain and bitter-sweet delight,
She knew her Love and saw her Lord depart,
Then breathed her wonder and her woe forlorn
Into a single cry, and thou wast born?
Thou flower of rapture and thou fruit of grief;


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by Aleister Crowley

Jupiter Mars P Moon
VENEZIA, "May" 19"th", 1910.
Jupiter's foursquare blaze of gold and blue
Rides on the moon, a lilac conch of pearl,
As if the dread god, charioted anew
Came conquering, his amazing disk awhirl
To war down all the stars. I see him through
The hair of this mine own Italian girl,
That bends her face on mine in the gondola!


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by Thomas Moore

When daylight was yet sleeping under the pillow,
And stars in the heavens still lingering shone,
Young Kitty, all blushing, rose up from her pillow,
The last time she e'er was to press it alone.
For the youth whom she treasured her heart and her soul in
Had promised to link the last tie before noon;
And when once the young heart of a maiden is stolen,
The maiden herself will steal after it soon.

As she look'd in the glass, which a woman ne'er misses,


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Recent Flower Poems
Daisy Darkness
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

midnight was glowing
in recall of antique gold
huge yellow daisy

pleasures we once knew
when dusk daisy glowed redly
twirl memory lane

golden onyx dark
shrouding melancholy moon


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A Fragrant Bed
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

asleep in a bloom
on the lake of pearl moonbeams
water lily dreams

green frog in black night
drifting in rock-a-bye dark
where stars make their mark

moonlight tiptoes soft
on cool petals of the pink


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Mirabilis jalapa
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

All the hot summer days I am found, sleeping late in my bed,
Dreaming of dusk and getting beauty rest, before sunset red;
For I'm an opal night owl, my scent blooms open all night long.
I am called Mirabilis jalapa, or four o'clocks, adoring birdsong.
I am yellow and deep pink stripes, beloved by hummingbirds,
And grape sun butterflies, when time seems to go backwards.
I keep a daily appointment with destiny, at about four o'clock,
As I love pearly moon more than sun, when dancing in my frock!

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Black Diamond
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

summoned black diamond
sun's at other side of night
with the dream roses

heart of joy twinkling
gone down in sea of colors
star of plum evening

still in its peach prime
and dust of the day settles


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Flower And Thorns
by Mahtab Bangalee

Love is flower, love is thorns. (Someone said)

Flower- the queen beauty of nature
There love is fair of prayer
Thorns- the sufferings of nature
There love is a remedy seeker

Flower- smiling charm in the beloved hands
There love is hearty shore’s deserted sands
Thorns- tears of discord in the beloved mind


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