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Grandma's Apron
by Ruth Stuart

I can still see grandma's apron
she wore most everyday.
At night time it was folded
and, on the foot of her bed it lay. She wore it to protect her dresses,
from all her daily chores.
While washing all the dishes
and scrubbing all the floors. The memory of all her aprons
are with us day to day.
With their many faded spots
Where she dried our tears away. Some are torn and tattered


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by Alexander Smith

ON the Sabbath-day,
   Through the churchyard old and gray,
Over the crisp and yellow leaves I held my rustling way;
And amid the words of mercy, falling on my soul like balms,
'Mid the gorgeous storms of music--in the mellow organ-calms,
'Mid the upward-streaming prayers, and the rich and solemn psalms,
   I stood careless, Barbara.

   My heart was otherwhere,
   While the organ shook the air,


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Shadows Erased
by Sergio Correia

Shadows of fear approach me.
Trembling emotions.
blurry vision.
My soul cries, hopelessness.
Anxious for rest I woke up! I gaze at the sky.
Birds flying;
Wind with hands.
Moving fragile leaves
In a bubble dance. A rainbow of butterflies carries away my sorrow.
Top of a mountain what a great sight!


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Mother's Are Like Rainbow's
by Jane L. Nance

Mothers are like rainbows,
After a dark dreary day.
Mothers will cheer you,
And brighten your way.
Her arms will enfold you,
Close to her heart,
At times when you're sad,
Of the tear drops start.
E'en tho' the rainbows fade away,
Mother's love is constant,


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The Old Man Dreams
by Oliver Wendell Holmes

OH for one hour of youthful joy!
Give back my twentieth spring!
I'd rather laugh, a bright-haired boy,
Than reign, a gray-beard king.

Off with the spoils of wrinkled age!
Away with Learning's crown!
Tear out life's Wisdom-written page,
And dash its trophies down!


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Recent Rainbow Poems
Chasing elusive rainbows
by Daniel Ryan Cotler

In pursuit of rainbows, I'd tirelessly strive,
Seeking happiness and fulfillment to revive,
But the rules were ever-changing, elusive, and sly,
In this shifting relationship, I'd question why.

Each day a new dawn, with hope in my heart,
Believing in us, right from the very start,
I'd reach for those rainbows, with dreams in my eyes,
Hoping to mend what our love might comprise.


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At the Rainbow
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

at the glossed rainbow
sky and grass held varied hues
bright days were foreseen

vast mood umbrella
nature's smile turned upside down
in green ecstasy

from the stained rainbow
I saw teal world was changing


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Until The Rooster Stops Sings Coco-Rico
by Hébert Logerie

I will love you until you can hear
And fully understand my intentions.
It's not puppy love. It's about dedications.
I love you with an incredible passion, dear.

I'm serious and dedicated to our relationship.
I'll stop loving you until the rooster stops singing.
This is clear; I will never stop loving you, darling.
Hence, you are the woman's captain of my ship.


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Rain Illinois
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

gray skies drenching rain
luscious colors in hiding
until the rainbow

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Colors Dance
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

beneath the rainbow
pretty penny for your thoughts
whispers in the wind

sunshine starts at noon
after such deluge delay
skies smile upside down

god's voice of thunder
commands all nature to dance


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