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The Cinnamon Peeler
by Michael Ondaatje

If I were a cinnamon peeler
I would ride your bed
And leave the yellow bark dust
On your pillow.

Your breasts and shoulders would reek
You could never walk through markets
without the profession of my fingers
floating over you. The blind would
stumble certain of whom they approached


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Am I My Sister's Keeper?
by Ruthe Spacht

I had better be.
What benefits my mother, niece,
Daughter and the neighbor lady
Will also benefit me.
Her working conditions,
How much she earns,
Her crisis, her problems,
Are all my concerns.
Her children are my children,
Her yearnings are mine.


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The Asra
by Heinrich Heine

Every day so lovely, shining,
up and down, the Sultan’s daughter
walked at evening by the water,
where the white fountain splashes.

Every day the young slave stood
by the water, in the evening,
where the white fountain splashes,
each day growing pale and paler.


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by Acadia Bloom

Navy blue shirt with khaki pants
The air around you is like deep water
Rectangular glasses on the ridge of your nose
Sleeves rolled up and your watch ticking loudly

I’m the mirror you look into
You talk on and on and stir my brain
All while sipping on strongly brewed tea
Your faded eyes brim with insight


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Lord Ullin's Daughter
by Thomas Campbell

A chieftain, to the Highlands bound,
Cries, ''Boatman, do not tarry!
And I'll give thee a silver pound
To row us o'er the ferry!''--

''Now, who be ye, would cross Lochgyle,
This dark and stormy weather?''
''O, I'm the chief of Ulva's isle,
And this, Lord Ullin's daughter.--


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Recent Daughter Poems
A Warrior in Her Own Right
by Oscar Auliq-Ice

She walks with grace and elegance,
Her every step a dance of joy,
A woman of strength and resilience,
Her spirit free, her heart pure as gold.

Her eyes are deep pools of mystery,
Reflecting the depths of her soul,
Her smile a ray of warm sunshine,
That lights up even the darkest of days.


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by Lia P

I smelled a perfume
and it smelled like her
and no she is not gone but the version of me that loved her when she wore the perfume is

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The Devil's Pulpit
by Marra Makinen

I never should have expected you to stay
When I was the one that left first

That is an unreasonable
And unfair
Request for me to make

But you also never should have expected me
To abide by your commands
When those very same commands made me a cynic


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Mama wants
by Author Reinvented

Mama just wants a perfect Daughter,
Expectations keep coming like drops of water,
Soon the cup spills over.

Mama doesn't know,
She doesn't try to understand,
The expectations overflow.


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Dear father
by Julie Staugaard

Once upon a time
You were my favourite guy
But now, you only make me cry
Make me feel, like I’m not worth a dime

You were supposed to be my father
Where were you when I called?
I had to try harder
But you only ever stalled


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