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Nineteen Hundred And Nineteen
by William Butler Yeats

MANY ingenious lovely things are gone
That seemed sheer miracle to the multitude,
protected from the circle of the moon
That pitches common things about. There stood
Amid the ornamental bronze and stone
An ancient image made of olive wood --
And gone are phidias' famous ivories
And all the golden grasshoppers and bees.
We too had many pretty toys when young:
A law indifferent to blame or praise,


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Songs Of An Empty House
by Marguerite Wilkinson


Before I die I may be great,
   The chanting guest of kings,
A queen in wonderlands of song
   Where every blossom sings.
I may put on a golden gown
   And walk in sunny light,
Carrying in my hair the day,
   And in my eyes the night.


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The Undertaker's Horse..
by Rudyard Kipling

The eldest son bestrides him,
And the pretty daughter rides him,
And I meet him oft o' mornings on the Course;
And there kindles in my bosom
An emotion chill and gruesome
As I canter past the Undertaker's Horse.

Neither shies he nor is restive,
But a hideously suggestive
Trot, professional and placid, he affects;


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Lord Ullin's Daughter
by Thomas Campbell

A chieftain, to the Highlands bound,
Cries, ''Boatman, do not tarry!
And I'll give thee a silver pound
To row us o'er the ferry!''--

''Now, who be ye, would cross Lochgyle,
This dark and stormy weather?''
''O, I'm the chief of Ulva's isle,
And this, Lord Ullin's daughter.--


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by John Keats

Ever let the Fancy roam,
Pleasure never is at home:
At a touch sweet Pleasure melteth,
Like to bubbles when rain pelteth;
Then let winged Fancy wander
Through the thought still spread beyond her:
Open wide the mind's cage-door,
She'll dart forth, and cloudward soar.
O sweet Fancy! let her loose;
Summer's joys are spoilt by use,


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Recent Daughter Poems
We’re Never Ever Apart
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

I’m never alone
when you’re in my thoughts...
You help me decide
between my shoulds and my oughts...

I’m never scared
when you hold my hand...
You’re always with me
when we walk the land...


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by Soumalya Chatterjee

I have understood my mother in the present weather.
Her colourless, toothless, though contended a smile
Naif, fair, with dappled on face,
Age and height middled
Beautiful, my ‘maa’ she was.

In winter, she caught the ability to forget,
Forget her past, her present.... future-
Everything, but not everything, not me.
I was the nectar if bee she was,


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Sorry Dad
by Nupur Gautam

Sometimes I wish I could relate to all those poems and quotes,
I wish our conversations and hugs were more frequent,
I wish we could be more comfortable in each other's company,
And ask how our days went.

I know you said it all out of anger,
But I can't get myself to forget.
Those words of yours pierced through my heart,
They weren't meant to, I bet.


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by Julia Shaw

I have two children now full-grown
A lovely daughter and handsome son
My daughter was my very firstborn
So for this poem, she's number one

Her birth date comes in early July
She has beautiful strawberry blond hair
And I love to see her let it fly
In the summer breeze without a care


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by Daisy 22

I am neither a feminist nor a Misogynist!
I am simply a human being, trying to fit in this cruel world.
Yes, a cruel world!
A world who choose colours on the basis of my skin,
A world who choose jokes on the basis of my dreams.
A world full of people who are ready to shout on me but are not ready to listen to me.
Isn't it cruel?
I am holding few questions with me, but no one to ask.
Will you listen, just for a while?


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