Ashraf Gohar Goreja


O Jerusalem! There you stand
In the glory of the day.
Above all faithfully.
To testify my past
And the future I may.
You perceive my good
And bad deeds of foolery.

The sun couldn't burn
The pages you preside
History of my fathers
And mothers of different faith.
I was born and grew young,
Got older and would die.
But God bestowed upon you
The breath that stayeth.

O Jerusalem! Could it be you
That was meant?
Solemn peace on the earth,
And true bliss for every soul.
A light in the darkness,
A gleam of magnificent.
Fair for the sight
Were not you famous to console?

Now my spirit has faded,
And my heart is bleeding.
Eyes look grim with horrendous fear
And my features got sleazy.
But your pain keeps growing
Like a sinner's pounding tear
Making the world around you,
Bleak, powerless and crazy.

O Jerusalem! Tell me the secret;
The secret of bloody trail.
For how long we will betray you
Like a dream that curtail.
Temporal possession of history,
And ever changing manifest,
Pensive thoughts of mystery,
That wise men often contest.

O Jerusalem! Bring peace in the world
For heaven sake.
Our children for centuries
Have been waiting to hear,
Trumpets of honor,
The bells of friendship,
And calls of peace.
Glory for all faith and life without fear.

You summoned my father,
My mother called Eve.
With miracles of magnificent,
And ample prodigy at birth.
Devine phenomenon made you befitting.
I know the reason of deep malignant.
In every heart that loves you
For you are a precious jewel on earth.

O Jerusalem! Be vigilant.
You still have to conserve the dignity,
Of men, women and children of all faith.
Acclaim peace,
Precept honor,
And glorify them all
For me you are still alive
Either you preach bliss or hate.

Ashraf Gohar Goreja
Copyright November 18,2002.
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