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by Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Oh yes, friend! I'm crazy-
that's just the way I am.

I see sounds,
I hear sights,
I taste smells,
I touch not heaven but things from the underworld,
things people do not believe exist,


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Leaving Seoul: 1953
by Walter K. Lew

We have to bury the urns,
Mother and I. We tried to leave them in a back room,
Decoyed by a gas lamp, and run out

But they landed behind us here, at the front gate.
It is 6th hour, early winter, black cold:
Only, on the other side of the rice-paper doors

The yellow ondol stone-heated floors
Are still warm. I look out to the blue


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The Sun Has Burst The Sky
by Jenny Joseph

The sun has burst the sky
Because I love you
And the river its banks.

The sea laps the great rocks
Because I love you
And takes no heed of the moon dragging it away
And saying coldly 'Constancy is not for you'.
The blackbird fills the air
Because I love you


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The Calls
by Wilfred Owen

A dismal fog-hoarse siren howls at dawn.
I watch the man it calls for, pushed and drawn
Backwards and forwards, helpless as a pawn.
But I'm lazy, and his work's crazy.

Quick treble bells begin at nine o'clock,
Scuttling the schoolboy pulling up his sock,
Scaring the late girl in the inky frock.
I must be crazy; I learn from the daisy.


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The Prospector
by Robert William Service

I strolled up old Bonanza, where I staked in ninety-eight,
A-purpose to revisit the old claim.
I kept thinking mighty sadly of the funny ways of Fate,
And the lads who once were with me in the game.
Poor boys, they're down-and-outers, and there's scarcely one to-day
Can show a dozen colors in his poke;
And me, I'm still prospecting, old and battered, gaunt and gray,
And I'm looking for a grub-stake, and I'm broke.

I strolled up old Bonanza. The same old moon looked down;


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Recent Crazy Poems
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

His methods were almost simplistic...
He seemed anachronistic...
His attitude totally chauvinistic...
His words often linguistic...

He lost his large enthusiasm...
No longer using sharp sarcasm...
His thoughts going into a strange spasm...
His bruised ego triggered a chasm...


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superstitious woman
by Bogdan Dragos

In the morning
she jerked him off
and had him
cum in the cups of her
bra and then
he watched as she put it
on and went about the
rest of her day like


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Daisy Crazy
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

daisies in my hair
red and pink yellow and blue
the fields of frolic

vases hats gardens
trailing sun from window box
swaying to summer

anytime daisy
dawn sunset red midnight black


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Life is a Circus
by Priya Goel

A young lad blossoms from a petal,
Many challenges to come and yet to settle.
Here begins life's crazy circus,
To be happy but yet sometimes serious.

A circus to be a star in your own ring,
To keep trying and never stop thinking.
To lean not too far in one direction,
Find a balance even beneath the most odd collection.


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Crazy You
by Femme Mcbridge

Your call is never heard,
But called as CRAZY YOU,
Attention that you demand,
Is a tot’s right,
For love has no value,
as money does hold you,
With vacuum filled covered hearts,
Shoulders that towered lost,
From spring to autumn days.
Days that is cried for,


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