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Quinquagesima Sunday
by John Keble

Sweet Dove! the softest, steadiest plume,
In all the sunbright sky,
Brightening in ever-changeful bloom
As breezes change on high; -

Sweet Leaf! the pledge of peace and mirth,
"Long sought, and lately won,"
Blessed increase of reviving Earth,
When first it felt the Sun; -


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The Irish Convict's Return
by William Topaz McGonagall

Ye mountains and glens of Old Ireland,
I've returned home to ye again;
During my absence from ye
My heart always felt great pain.

Oh, how I long'd to see you dear Nora,
And the old folks at home;
And the beautiful Lakes o' Killarney,
Where we oft together did roam.


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Little Popeet - The Lost Child
by William Topaz McGonagall

Near by the silent waters of the Mediterranean,
And at the door of an old hut stood a coloured man,
Whose dress was oriental in style and poor with wear,
While adown his furrowed cheeks ran many a tear.

And the poor coloured man seemed very discontent,
And his grief overcame him at this moment;
And he wrung his hands in agony wild,
And he cried, "Oh! help me, great God, to find my child."


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Saturday's Child
by Countee Cullen

Some are teethed on a silver spoon,
With the stars strung for a rattle;
I cut my teeth as the black racoon--
For implements of battle.
Some are swaddled in silk and down,
And heralded by a star;
They swathed my limbs in a sackcloth gown
On a night that was black as tar.
For some, godfather and goddame
The opulent fairies be;


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The Land
by Rudyard Kipling

When Julius Fabricius, Sub-Prefect of the Weald,
In the days of Diocletian owned our Lower River-field,
He called to him Hobdenius-a Briton of the Clay,
Saying: "What about that River-piece for layin' in to hay?"

And the aged Hobden answered: "I remember as a lad
My father told your father that she wanted dreenin' bad.
An' the more that you neeglect her the less you'll get her clean.
Have it jest as you've a mind to, but, if I was you, I'd dreen."


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Recent Father Poems
the man
by norman rockwell

You begged me not to confess, to lie about my quiddity,
for it pierces through your skin to hear my certitude and witness my color.
So, I listened and deceived you, as well as myself.
I did it for as long as air merged out of my body.
Still and all, the time arrived where I exhausted my soul.
You noticed but stayed blind.
That's the extent of the hatred you garnered to the man I embellished.
So I apologize, for I am what you loathe, father.

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Fathers Are Like The ocean
by Christen Kuikoua

Fathers are like the ocean,
Vast deep, strong in motion,
Endless depths of love and care,
Always present, always there.

Like the waves that crash ashore,
Fathers protect us evermore,
Guiding us in life's rough tide,
Leading us to the other side.


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Coho Season
by Robert Chase

On the jetty - in the mist - dry under ponchos
Surf pounding at concrete - biting at the shore
Glowing gaslamp beckoning gnats - freezing on the tank
Poles in hands - lines in water - standing in entwined silence
Coho spawning - swallowing offered bait
Father and Son sharing heartbeats and serenity

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by Aarti Chawla

Nobody can love me like you,
Life without You is just like,
a Puzzle without a clue.
No win can beat this Pain,
I wish you could come again.

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A Gentle Soul With a Strong Hand
by Oscar Auliq-Ice

There once was a man, strong and tall
With a heart that would never fall
He walked with a purpose, head held high
And always looked straight into the sky

He worked hard every single day
To provide for his family in every way
His hands were rough, his back was sore
But he never complained, not once, no more


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