Alma Jean Epps

Evansville, Indiana

Star Light River

Star Light river how beautiful you are
With your unforgettable sunset on the river's edge
The colors of orange, gold, pink and red
Tiny little violets growing here and there
Then the stars come out lighting up the waterfront
Looking like tiny diamonds moving in their very own private dance
The lights of the city add to the glow
There is nothing more beautiful than the river's flow
The river that I have always called Star Light river
If only it could talk I'll bet it could tell us so many secrets
About love and life; I know that I love to sit and take in its beauty
It has such a peace that I enjoy
When I am feeling sad
I feel that it really understands
My very inner thoughts and I am not really alone
What a beautiful friend to have
It never deserts me
It is always there. I love you Star Light river
I promise I will be back to watch your very own private dance
Remembering my stories of love and romance
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