Thomas S. Ebong

Detroit, MI

Lead Me Lord

Lead me Lord,
When I am confused,
Be the light to see me through.
When I am lost,
Be the path stretched out for me to follow.
When I am weak, be there for me to lean on.
When I am hungry, be the bread for me to feed on.
When the wells of my love run dry,
Fill them up with your divine love.
When my parental responsibilities are neglected,
May your Blessed Mother awaken them with her gentle love.
When I am burdened and stressed out with cares,
Lighten my burdens or straighten my back.
When distracted with things that demean my human dignity,
Command my Guardian Angel to give me a gentle tap.
When all others abandon me as my yoke increase,
Let me know that you are there for me all the way.
When I hesitate or say "yes" to you weakly,
Rouse the Holy Spirit within me that I may stand firm by you
My sweet Savior and friend.

The Dollar Message - "Annuit Coeptis ..." "Annuit Coeptis" - Thirteen words in all
Horizoning over The all seeing eyes of Horus
"God favors our beginning," Was the faith, the faith
Of the Founding Fathers of the Great American Nation.

A faith that moved them
to inscribe
These eternal words like the Great Shema
over the Dollar Bill

Atop an Ancient Pyramid, Thirteen steps in all -
A number that meant, a new beginning for Egypt of old
Horus watches over a Nation in search of a new order
"Novus Ordo Seclorum," 'a new order for the ages'

With a resounding creed, IN GOD WE TRUST
Binding on the thriteen colonies and beyond
The Mighty Eagle looks away from the thirteen arrows of war
To face the thirteen peaceful leaves of the Olive Branch

The Dollar Bill a summation of our creed, summons all,
To turn from the thirteen arrows of self-destruction
And hate, within our midst, in pursuit of peace, to build
A stratum that makes our pursuit an authentic one.
The Sacred Vessel Woman, what a Sacred Vessel is you Womb!
So sacered and warm with homely peace
That it is chosen to be the seat of life
You, the caretaker are endowed,

With instincts so maternal and unique
That the most benevolent man can not play your role
"In vitro" is just a gamble with you
It holds and delivers only what it's given to hold

Your womb is chosen to be the Sacred Vessel
Out of love by the Author of life
It must then be guarded with the utmost care
Since it is a special privilege that none can get

You alone understand the psychic pain
That results from the violation our Sacred Womb
The flood of sorrow and pain that engulf your Being
Is not reduced by debates alone

But by making it violation free
Ble a be honored and singled out
By the Author of Life, to be the Custodian of your precious
Womb, a Sacred Vessel to carry and nourish the seed life
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