Rose Judnick

Eveleth, Minnesota, USA


Life is a whisper in the wind;
The lilting melody of a Robin's song
Echoing through the trees.
Life is the beauty of a rainbow
With its soft luminescence
Glowing in the dark summer sky
After a welcome rain.
Life is a subtile blending of
Colors, voices and sounds
Filling our senses -
Consoling us,
Deceiving us with an illusion of reality.
Life is a moment in time,
The tick of a clock counting out
The minutes of our mortal existence taunting us.
Life is a myth;
A kaleidescope of vibrant ever-changing colors
Patched together with broken dreams;
A pot-pourrie of happiness and sadness,
Of hope and despair.
Life is a roller-coaster
Lifting us to the utmost highs -
Exciting us, intriguing us;
Then letting us down.
Life is a mystery.
Life is whatever we perceive it to be.
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