Summer Poems

Popular Summer Poems
by Richard Kell

They paddle with staccato feet
In powder-pools of sunlight,
Small blue busybodies
Strutting like fat gentlemen
With hands clasped
Under their swallowtail coats;
And, as they stump about,
Their heads like tiny hammers
Tap at imaginary nails
In non-existent walls.


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by Dylan Thomas

When I was a windy boy and a bit
And the black spit of the chapel fold,
(Sighed the old ram rod, dying of women),
I tiptoed shy in the gooseberry wood,
The rude owl cried like a tell-tale tit,
I skipped in a blush as the big girls rolled
Nine-pin down on donkey's common,
And on seesaw sunday nights I wooed
Whoever I would with my wicked eyes,
The whole of the moon I could love and leave


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A Snake Yarn
by William Thomas Goodge

"You talk of snakes," said Jack the Rat,
"But blow me, one hot summer,
I seen a thing that knocked me flat -
Fourteen foot long or more than that,
It was a reg'lar hummer!
Lay right along a sort of bog,
Just like a log!

"The ugly thing was lyin' there
And not a sign o' movin',


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My Home
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

This is the place that I love the best,
A little brown house, like a ground-bird's nest,
Hid among grasses, and vines, and trees,
Summer retreat of the birds and bees.

The tenderest light that ever was seen
Sifts through the vine-made window screen--
Sifts and quivers, and flits and falls
On home-made carpets and gray-hung walls.


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The Fallen Elm
by John Clare

Old elm that murmured in our chimney top
The sweetest anthem autumn ever made
And into mellow whispering calms would drop
When showers fell on thy many coloured shade
And when dark tempests mimic thunder made -
While darkness came as it would strangle light
With the black tempest of a winter night
That rocked thee like a cradle in thy root -
How did I love to hear the winds upbraid
Thy strength without - while all within was mute.


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Recent Summer Poems
House of Summer
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

In a mass of blooms
sits a summer house all gold
on a sandy beach
Momentous waves each moment
of drama filled beauty days

Near the coral lane
adjoining bright reds and plums
beneath blues and cream
Orange and yellows in front


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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Juicy, ripe cherries, still on the jade green trees,
In vibrant, orange sunshine, glinting at summer.
Blackberries winking, saffron noon hour of ease,
When rose strewn seconds, seem lost in slumber.

Fragrant, purple plums gleam hotly, very coveted,
Lustrous, wild raspberries, deeply red and purple,
Ruby red apples aglow, like fiery sun plummeted,
Until all are lost in darkness, 'neath stars eternal.

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Summers night
by Luise K

You know when I want to kiss you the most?

The feeling when you are outside on a summers evening, right before a summer rain.
When the clouds are filling up the sky and the light is kind of yellow.
The air is slowly clearing up, it is getting fresher while I look into your honey eyes.

You smile, and as I feel your lips and the first raindrops touching me, there is this unconditional feeling of luck starting to appear in my heart and radiates through my whole body.

My knees are getting weak, rain is bashing all around us and there is this smell of summer rain
And you


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watching fireworks through the skylight
by Sarah A

watching fireworks through the skylight
i feel pretty tonight
sprinkles on the ceiling
always lick off the frosting
dizzying silliness
accompanying unadulterated bliss
why can’t life always feel like this

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Sunshine Siblings
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Two piglets out together, walking side by side,
Pressing snuggly wuggly, in wonder big eyed,
On the first stroll, brother and sister sunshine,
As blue birds prance and sing, in green pines.

Senses soon ravished, by the tales of the new,
Like a thrill of thick grass, under skies so blue,
Wandering in wonder, a time made for playing,
When orange sun's vivid, and is always staying.

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