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Woman in Chains
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

She lately hears lyric nightingale at the sole window,
And through its bars witnesses a melancholy moon,
And her heart longs for the freedom of velvety flight,
But lessons she now knows weren't learned too soon!
An innocent victim of childhood abuse and ensuing rage,
In the days of sugar plum fairies and make believe,
A streetwise teenage runaway, who soon lost her way,
After making an unwise choice of whom she would love!
During lights out she makes plans and begins to reminisce,
Knowing in her young heart, it won't always be like this,


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by Sumit Maurya

We were running and we were safe,
We were high but well behaved
Positive souls by all that mean,
Driving cool in a fast machine
Then something happened,
We blacked out
We stuck in the dark,
Could not shout
It's the car wrack,
That we couldn't move


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Youth and Age
by Arthur Guiterman

Bersi, the champion, famed in his day,
Agèd and bedridden, drowsily lay.
Halldor, the baby, the grandfather's pride,
Cooed in his cradle the pallet beside.
Recklessly rocking, the cradle fell o'er;
Halldor, the baby, was cast on the floor!
Strengthless to succor his torment and joy,
Bersi, the champion, sang to the boy:
'Lorn, by the fireside helpless we lie,
Grandchild and grandfather, Halldor and I.


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by Sarah A

he hears me when I don’t even say a word.

secret messages
drip out
of each of my

he sucks them up
eats them whole
swallowing them like seeds


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When We Were Young At Home
by John Bradford

I'm growing old, I'm growing old,
My hair is ting'd with gray ;
In search of pleasure, fame, and gold,
I've worn my life away ;
And standing on a foreign shore,
I gaze o'er ocean's foam.
And ponder on the days of yore,
When we were young at home.

I see again, in Fancy's realm,


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Recent Youth Poems
Spring Break
by Lucie Johnston


I’ve been counting my breath for days
1 2 3 4 5-5.5
1 2 3 4 5-5.5
The magic formula

I only do it when I remember to


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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

The purplish crimson sun's now arising,
And buds are waiting on yellow rosebush.
Yesterday lessons for today are guiding,
As birds take violet skies of dawn hush.
The youth grew so quickly, time's ambush!

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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Cool overnight rains, bear a fresh burst of spring,
Peach and pink hues grace gardens, youthful playing!
Pale lemony sunshine, at warmth's golden beginning,
And everywhere you roam, there's a novel happening.

Pink butterflies in circles, a bronzed loop de loop,
And masses of cherry blossoms, preceding red fruit.
The grass so green, pearl dewdrops gone one by one,
Like the shadows that flee, in feverish awe of the sun!

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Puss in Blooms
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

In bright orange blossom, dreamy afternoon meadow,
Stillness reigns as though time had nowhere to go.
And frolicking in summer, goes my puss in blooms,
Like children rollicking, with colorful balloons!

Soon scarlet butterfly visits the tip of his nose,
As starlight glitters, not caring whither it goes.
Running and bounding, like freedom's final chance,
Revelling in green days, before the years advance.

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Endless Days
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

the clock ticked slower
in the time of the roses
and saffron sunshine

such chills many thrills
before time gained momentum
in forever fields

lime green foliage
and cerulean blue skies


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